Biology News
Ashley High's Marine Science Academy swims into fifth year -
... seniors Morgan Savage and Katelyn Billeaud Thursday prepare food for the animals in their Marine Science Academy classroom. They are two of fourteen members of the high school program which is studying introduction to marine biology this semester.

An Introduction to Reproductive & Developmental Toxicology - Chemical Watch (subscription)

Chemical Watch (subscription)
This webinar is ideal for anyone who would benefit from an improved understanding of reproductive and developmental toxicity, but has no formal training as a toxicologist. In particular for business managers involved in SIEF/consortia discussions ...

Alien species on the rise -
The number of new instances of non-native species documented is increasing around the globe — growth that shows no sign of slowing. The introduction of alien species can disrupt ecosystems and even cause local extinctions. Hanno Seebens at the ...

Introduction to Lichens

Berkeley - United States

Information about lichens including fossil record, life history, ecology, morphology and systematics.

Cladonia: Club Lichens and Cup Lichens

Photographs and information on these lichens, their description, habitat and other notes.

Lichens and Me

Personal site of Katalin Moln+ir with a brief description of lichens, photographs, information on the author, publications and links to sites of lichenological interest.

Photos of lichens taken during British Lichen Society field trips in Britain. Contains general information and related links.

Looking for Lichens
United States

Weblog with photos and descriptions.

United States

An illustrated introduction to the lichens with information on their ecology and reproduction.

United States

Photographs of several species of lichen growing in their natural habitat in Hawaii.

Dutch Lichens

Photos and information about lichen biology. In Dutch and English.

United States

List of species protected by law in different countries.

Loveable Lichens
United States

Includes images as well as conservation information.

R6 Lichens HomePage
United States

Project background for the Air Quality Biomonitoring Program utilizing lichens and mosses in the National Forests of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.