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Lifelike anatomy - American Press

American Press
The academic performance of nursing and other students at Sowela Technical Community College has improved since the introduction of the Anatomage table, a digital cadaver, and high-fidelity mannequins, school officials said. The Anatomage table, one of ...

Kristala Prather: Advancing energy-efficient biochemistry - MIT News

MIT News
She teaches 10.10 (Introduction to Chemical Engineering) to first-year and sophomore undergraduates, as well as 10.542 (Biochemical Engineering) for graduate students and upper-level undergrads. Opportunities to reach students present themselves ...

Global Coral Calcium Market 2018 Evolution – Now Foods, Marine Bio, Natural Biology and GNC -
“Global Coral Calcium Market, 2018 Research Report” is an extensive Coral Calcium Market research report contains an introduction on new trends that can guide the businesses performing in the Coral Calcium industry to understand the market and make ...
Monotone Critic

Introduction to the Archaea

Berkeley - United States

Covers their main groupings, chemical differences from other life forms, fossil record, and the structure of their cell walls.

United States

International microbiological journal devoted to original research as well as review articles dealing with all aspects of research on the archaea.

United States

Short, simple introduction to these organisms.

The Archaea
United States

General introduction, mentioning most known genera and species of Euryarchaeota and Crenarchaeota. Includes some technical details such as toxin sensitivities.

United States

Introduction to this life form, written at three different levels of complexity for use by educators and students.

Archaea (Archaebacteria)
United States

Taxonomy, description, and extensive references, with particular emphasis on the Crenarchaeota (classified here as a Kingdom.)

Domain Archaea
United States

Systematic discussion of the various phyla within the Crenarchaea, Euryarchaeota, based on RNA differences.


Basic phylogeny, gene organization, and methods of DNA replication and transcription.

Wikispecies: Archaea
United States

Taxonomy browser, with some links.

Wikipedia: Archaea
United States

One of the three major groups of living organisms, together with the bacteria and eukaryotes.

Taxonomy Browser (Archaea)
United States

Shows the relationships among the recognized groups, and samples yet to be named or classified.