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Physiology and Pharmacology of the Heart - MilTech

Physiology and Pharmacology of the heart is an ideal introduction for students and practitioners of medicine and science who have difficulty: ∗ understanding cardiac electrophysiology and pharmacology ∗ relating these to cardiac mechanics and therapy ...

Neurobiology of Addiction - MilTech

Neurobiology of Addiction is conceived as a current survey and synthesis of the most important findings in our understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms of addiction over the past 50 years. The book includes a scholarly introduction, thorough ...

Answer Man: The mountains of Minnesota … no, really - Post-Bulletin

Bring your camera for the abundant flora and fauna. When there's no snow cover, you'll see wildflowers such as pink lady's slipper, three-leaf false Solomon's-seal, Joe-Pye weed and yellow pond lily. Along the way, you also could see moose, bears ...

Introduction to the Xanthophyta: Yellow-Green Algae

Berkeley - United States

Brief discussion of the biology and ecology of this group of photosynthetic organisms which live primarily in freshwater, but also are found in marine waters, on damp soil or on tree trunks.

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    Protista - Protista

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    Introduction to the Xanthophyta

Introduction to the Green Algae
United States

Contains information on the fossil record, life history, ecology, systematics, and morphology.

Green Algae
United States

Description of this diverse group of freshwater algae commonly known as chlorophytes, with excellent microscopic images.


Information on the characteristics of this group with details of the life cycle of Chlamydomonas, Spirogyra and Ulva.

Green Algae Gallery: Chlorophyta
United States

Provides images of species of Closterium and Cosmarium, which are both desmids, and species of Pediastrum, Staurastrum and Ulothrix.

Algae Image Laboratory - Bowling Green State University
United States

Consists mostly of light images of cleaned diatoms.

The Intertidal Rocky Shore: Coralline Algae and Green Seaweed
New Zealand

Photographs of about 6 species of encrusting varieties of red algae and about 10 of green seaweeds that grow around the coasts of New Zealand.

Introduction to the Green Kingdom
United States

Brief introduction to the plant kingdom with links to further information.

Deep Green - Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group
United States

Group working to facilitate or initiate interaction between distinct research groups that have independent foci yet entail some aspect of green plant phylogeny or systematics.


A basic guide to algae including marine, freshwater and land species.

Golden Algae
United States

Information from Wikipedia on this large group of unicellular flagellate algae, the Chrysophytes, found mostly in fresh water.