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Biodiversity conservation should be a core value of China's 'Belt and Road Initiative' - Phys.Org

The correspondence—"Biodiversity conservation needs to be a core value of China's "Belt and Road Initiative"—has been published in the academic journal Nature Ecology and Evolution. It is authored by Dr. Alex Lechner and Dr. Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz from ...

Presentations on UW Science Initiative Jan. 22 and 25 in Casper - University of Wyoming News

University of Wyoming News
Two University of Wyoming faculty members and a graduate student are scheduled to speak about UW's Science Initiative at Rotary Club meetings in Casper Jan. 22 and Jan. 25. Chip Kobulnicky, professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and ...

Big Bird — Evolution's “Smoking Gun”? - Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute
Against the backdrop of research of Princeton's Peter and Rosemary Grant, Darwin's finches are among the most hyped illustrations of evolution in action. The problem is that they illustrate only the most micro- of micro-evolution. Jonathan Wells ...

IPTAI: Indiana Princeton Tennessee Astrobiology Initiative

Bloomington - United States

Collaboratively investigating physical and chemical limitations on life beneath the subsurface of Earth.

Princeton Separations, Inc.
United States

Specialist supplier of kits for cleanup in labeling reactions for DNA fragment recovery, and for endopeptidases specific for arginine-C, glutamic-C, lysine-C. Includes support FAQ and contacts for Adelphia, NJ.

United States
Princeton University
United States

Princeton Neuroscience Institute
United States

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute was created in embryonic form in the spring of 2004 under the leadership of Jonathan Cohen, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology, and David Tank, the Henry Hillman Professor in Molecular Biology. Understanding behavior at all levels of function, from systems to cells, is one of the great challenges of modern biology. At Princeton University, faculty with research interests in neuroscience can be found in

Princeton University Molecular Biology
United States

Our department is part of a vibrant and unique university. Princeton University seeks to achieve the highest levels of distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and understanding. In other words, the university is all about discovery, teaching, and learning. It attracts exceptional faculty and students. This is a place for all those eager to learn, engage, and exchange ideas to be challenged and excel. It is a small private unive

Princeton Molecular Biology Outreach Programs
United States

Materials that support undergraduates and science high school teachers in North East America.

Indiana Chapter
United States

A nonprofit organization educating the public about companion rabbit care, and providing foster homes and placement for homeless rabbits.

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Princeton University
United States

Carries out research in a range of areas including molecular evolution, behavioural ecology, the dynamics of communities and populations, and conservation biology. Includes details of graduate and undergraduate programs.

Indiana University Axolotl Colony
United States

Genetic stock center for supply of embryos, larvae, and adults to laboratories and classrooms throughout the United States and abroad. Includes history, news, and personnel.

Indiana University - Department of Biology
United States

General information, news and events, graduate and undergraduate program details, community, and resources.