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Biodiversity: Why the extinction crisis isn't as bad as you thought - New Scientist

New Scientist
You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the biodiversity crisis. Since about 1500, expanding human activity has condemned vast numbers of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles to an early grave. Now worries have spread to ...

Modeling the ecology and evolution of biodiversity: Biogeographical cradles, museums, and graves - Science Magazine

Science Magazine
The emergence, distribution, and extinction of species are driven by interacting factors—spatial, temporal, physical, and biotic. Rangel et al. simulated the past 800,000 years of evolution in South America, incorporating these factors into a ...

Sydney cruise ship plan for Garden Island rejected, leaving Botany Bay as next option - ABC News

ABC News
The NSW Government is preparing a business case to develop Port Botany as a cruise ship hub to deal with increasing demand, after the Federal Government rejected plans for cruise ships to dock alongside naval vessels at Garden Island in Sydney Harbour ...
St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
Seatrade Cruise News
The Australian

'A city in a garden': Singapore's journey to becoming a biodiversity model - UN Environment (press release)

UN Environment (press release)
You wouldn't know it today, but in 1965 Singapore was a polluter's paradise: mucky rivers, polluted canals and raw sewage running rampant. It was a developing country, newly split from neighbouring Malaysia, an island surrounded by waters that now they ...

Biking and hiking in Madagascar: Floored by flora, fawning over fauna -
Considered to be a megadiverse country — one of 17 in the world — the island is home to substantial numbers of flora and fauna found nowhere else. I shared the two-week adventure and covered more than 300 miles with a group of 13 other vacationers.

High school students get hands-on experience at URI's shark camp - Turn to 10

Turn to 10
NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WJAR) — More than a dozen high school students spent Wednesday exploring Narragansett Bay as a part of the University of Rhode Island's Shark Camp. The students, alongside URI professors and Cap'n Bert crew members, ...

Young Galaxy's Halo Offers Clues to its Growth & Evolution - Big Island Now

Big Island Now
Astronomer Dawn Erb, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has devoted her life to uncovering the secrets of galaxy growth and evolution. PC: T. FOX, UWM. In a study published Tuesday, July 24, 2018, in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, lead author ...

Island Of Rodrigues Mauritius Extinction

Rodrigues Solitaire (Pezophaps solitaria)
United Kingdom

Description and illustrations of this extinct relative of the dodo from the island of rodrigues, mauritius. rodrigues Solitaire (Pezophaps solitaria) ...

United Kingdom

Description and illustrations of this extinct relative of the dodo from the island of rodrigues, mauritius.

Dodo Bird History, Pictures, Extinction: Origins and Isolation of the Dodo Bird
United States

Essay summarizing how recent research has shed a new light on the genetic origins of the Dodo and offers solutions ...

Rodrigues Fody (Foudia flavicans)
United Kingdom

Photograph and information on this vulnerable species endemic to mauritius.

The Tragedy of the Dodo

Offers a profile of the extinct flightless bird, the Dodo, once a native of the island of mauritius. Discovered 1598, ...

Extinction of the Dinosaurs
United States

Perhaps the most notable event of the Cretaceous was its conclusion. About 65 million years ago the second greatest mass ...

Peripatus: Extinction
New Zealand

A number of extinction concepts are discussed and loosely defined, followed by a survey of some important extinction and "extinction-like" ...

Gallery of Photographs by Harri Kallio
United States

Slideshow of Harri Kallio's color photographs of dodos (or rather two life-sized sculptural models of the dodo) in their lush ...

United States

Provides information on the endemic plants of mauritius and the Mondrain Nature Reserve.


Discovered in 1842 on the island of Java and is now threatened with extinction. Etymology, morphological details, history and conservation ...

Sable Island Photographs
United States

Photographs of some of the 300 free-roaming feral horses that live on this island off Nova Scotia.

Extinction: The Story of the Passenger Pigeon
United Kingdom

Brief history of the events leading up to the extinction.

The Dodo
United Kingdom

Article about the Dodo, the flightless bird that has the dubious distinction of being the most famous extinct species.

The Tragedy of the Dodo

David Reilly provides information on this extinct flightless bird, its anatomy and environmental impact. Includes illustrations, links and books.

Astrobiology Magazine: Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction
United States

With the steep decline in populations of many animal species, scientists have warned that Earth is on the brink of ...

Wikipedia: Holocene Extinction Event
United States

Brief introduction to the widespread extinction of species occurring in the modern era, the Holocene Epoch.

Evolution: A Modern Mass Extinction?
United States

Four expert panelists from the PBS series have written statements in response to the question, "Are we in the midst ...

Mass Extinction Underway
United States

Examines the theory that we are currently living in an era of mass extinction. Offers links to numerous articles and ...

United States

Nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of islands throughout the globe.

United Kingdom

There have been many mass extinctions throughout the history of the Earth. Probably the most famous is the extinction that ...

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