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Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine - New York Times

New York Times
“Unfortunately, these days, at least in Japan, young scientists want to get a stable job, so they are afraid to take risks,” he told the Journal of Cell Biology. “Most people decide to work on the most popular field because they think that is the ...
The Guardian
The Scientist
Los Angeles Times
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Nobel in Physiology or Medicine to Yoshinori Ohsumi for Autophagy Discoveries - Scientific American

Scientific American
The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan for his discoveries of mechanisms of what's known as autophagy. Break the word down and you get auto and phagy: from the Greek for self, auto, and eating, phagein.
Los Alamos Daily Post
The Japan Times
Health Professional Radio (press release) (blog)

Mathematical analysis reveals architecture of the human genome - Phys.Org

Mathematical analysis has led researchers in Japan to a formula that can describe the movement of DNA inside living human cells. Using these calculations ...

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