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The moa ecology paradox - (press release) (press release)
The moa ecology paradox: New Zealand's large moa did not disperse large seeds. A new study about New Zealand's extinct moa, involving acid baths and concrete mixers, by researchers from the University of Canterbury and Landcare Research, has revealed a ...

Botany program will focus on saving seeds - Worcester Telegram

Worcester Telegram
BOLTON - On Wednesday, April 18, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., Christie Higginbottom will be at the Bolton Public Library to present a program on basic botany and practical skills of saving seeds of open-pollinated, common garden vegetables. The session is free ...

Plants have their seeds germinate at different times -
Researchers may have found a way to control the random germination that occurs as a protective measure in plants. Plants “hedge their bets” and have their seeds germinate at different times. It's part of the unavoidable, random nature of biochemical ...

Jatropha Seeds

San Antonio - United States

Suppliers and exporters of jatropha curcas seeds from India. Offers guidance on the plantation and tissue culture research.

Eucalyptus of California: Seeds of Good, or Seeds of Evil?
United States

Examines the story of this amazing tree and its impact on California.

Lehle Seeds
United States

Supplier of arabidopsis seeds, products, literature and services. Features a range of resources and links, including publications, news groups, software, and teaching.

United States

Explores recent advances in the genetic engineering of plants, that have developed crops genetically endowed not only to resist damage from insects but also to be resistant to herbicides.

Sam's Seeds
United States

South Dakota, USA based consultant working with hunting lodges, resorts, ranchers, farmers, and preserves to develop or maintain natural wildlife habitat through the use of current mapping systems, GPS, and conservation techniques.

United States

Online version of an exhibition at the Field Museum including original manuscripts, photographs and scientific instruments.

Jatropha curcas
United States

Offers information on this plant, its uses, folk remedies, description, toxicity, germplasm, cultivation and yield.

Jatropha curcas
United States

Photographs of two species of Jatropha.

United States

Discussion forum and link resources covering all aspects of growing jatropha and its use as a feedstock for biofuel.

Jatropha integerrima
United Kingdom

Description of this small tree, with photographs of leaves and flowers.

The Jatropha System

Promotes awareness of Jatropha curcas, seed production, oil extraction and uses.