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Natural monoliths of City of the Rocks State Park inspire - Pueblo Chieftain

Pueblo Chieftain
Amateur botanists will also enjoy trying to identify some of the 363 plant species scattered throughout this one-square-mile park and growing in its botanical garden. Many of these Chihuahuan Desert plants are worth seeking out for their names alone ...

Why Satyapal Singh is half-right on Darwin's theory of evolution - Economic Times (blog)

Economic Times (blog)
By Debkumar Mitra Why was there such a hue and cry over the HRD minister of state Satyapal Singh's recent comment about Charles Darwin's theory of evolution being 'scientifically wrong'? Singh was merely asking for...

Book review: This is how two 18th century botanists made the State pay for science - Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times
While this alliance of politics and science is a far more recent development than we think, it owes its genesis to botany, and two 18th century natural scientists who furthered this combination, as Patricia Fara shows in this book, part of a special ...

Jharna Mitra Botanists

Mountain View - United States

CV, list of publications, conferences, meetings and talks. Research interests include pesticide residues, biodegradation and effects on non-target plants, induced mutation of fungi and fungal genetics.

Mitra, Sangha
United States

Biochemist investigating catalytic mechanisms for potential drug targets. Personal homepage and research interests at Boston University School of Medicine.

Ranjit K Mitra
United States

CV with academic qualifications and publications.

United States

ISEB aims to promote and coordinate research on plants in relation to environmental pollution, encourage better interaction among researchers, teachers, and social activists and create awareness among governmental policy makers and industry leaders.

United States

Searchable database of names and information on collectors of the herbaria.