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Botany Twitter just helped discover a rare plant clinging to a cliff in Pennsylvania - Quartz

Martine did what botanists do: He consulted herbarium specimens, in this case ones held at the Bucknell University herbarium. Herbarium specimens are cuttings of plants that have been dried and affixed to sheets of preservation paper, and stored in ...

Indiana University botanists record first appearance of wildflower species in Indiana - IU Newsroom

IU Newsroom
"The discovery of Caulophyllum giganteum in Indiana is really something special." Knox said the discovery highlights the fact that Indiana's natural resources are not completely known, and that citizen scientists -- along with professional botanists ...

Jharna Mitra Botanists

Mountain View - United States

CV, list of publications, conferences, meetings and talks. Research interests include pesticide residues, biodegradation and effects on non-target plants, induced mutation of fungi and fungal genetics.

Mitra, Sangha
United States

Biochemist investigating catalytic mechanisms for potential drug targets. Personal homepage and research interests at Boston University School of Medicine.

Ranjit K Mitra
United States

CV with academic qualifications and publications.

United States

ISEB aims to promote and coordinate research on plants in relation to environmental pollution, encourage better interaction among researchers, teachers, and social activists and create awareness among governmental policy makers and industry leaders.

United States

Searchable database of names and information on collectors of the herbaria.