Biology News
Lazor oversees offense's hybrid evolution -
Lazor learned the schemes in the evolution of the second generation working under Washington head coach Joe Gibbs, a former Don Coryell assistant, and Seattle head coach Mike Holmgren, a former Walsh assistant in San Francisco who also mentored Jon ...

High school at sea: Everett marine-biology school shines, but other districts aren't on board - The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times
Nadine Waggoner holds a sample collected from an outing to the Salish Sea last fall while fellow ORCA students Emily Conradt, Elizabeth Lee and Evan Radebaugh look on. (Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times). There's no school in Washington quite like ...

Jesse Williams' Estranged Wife Asks Grey's Anatomy Actor for $27K More in Child Support -
Jesse Williams' estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee has asked to receive additional financial support in order to help cover childcare costs. Drake-Lee asked to be reimbursed “in the amount of $26,884.50, for [Williams'] one-half share of the children's ...

Jon Lee Consulting

Eureka, California - United States

Specializing in stream bioassessment and freshwater macroinvertebrate taxonomy - with over 20 years experience in the western United States. Jonathan Lee is the sole proprietor, principle investigator, and taxonomist.

United States

Devoted to the nut-gathering, nose-wiggling, bushy-tailed nibblers known as squirrels.

Jon's Roller Pigeon Page
United States

Dedicated to performing rollers and provides information on basic care, training methods, portable lofts, and more.

Lee Laboratories
United States

Offers reagents and services for diagnostics and inflammation research, specializing in bulk syphilis antigens, bulk VDRL, PGPS 10S, PGPS 100P, Freund's adjuvants and Clostridium difficile toxin A antisera and antigens.

Mr. Lee CatCam

One cat, one collar-affixed camera, and one record of what happens.

United States

Garden City. 300 animals representing 100 species on 47 acres. General information, exhibit overview and education program summary.

Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari
United States

Drive through park located between Omaha and Lincoln. General information, map, special events, and exhibits details.

Centient Consulting, Inc.
United States

Business, science and technology consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies that utilize genomic and proteomic based drug discovery.

B-Tech Consulting, Ltd.
United States

Bioinformatics company specializing in analytical services and contract research for academic and industrial institutions. Provides details of services offered and a company profile.

ACE Consulting
United Kingdom

Independent ecological consultants based in Bath, UK, offering professional advice and undertaking protected species and habitat surveys, monitoring and mitigation.

Ardea Consulting
United States

Consultants in avian and wildlife toxicology and ecology. Work has been conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada.