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Could hemp help to beat ovarian cancer? - Medical News Today

Medical News Today
Hemp and marijuana are in the same botanical family, but the former doesn't share the latter's psychoactive properties. As one of the earliest plants to be cultivated, hemp has been utilized by humans for thousands of years. Clothing, paper, ships ...

Cleveland Orchestra reaches the stars with 'Turangalila' (review) - (blog) (blog)
So evocative and luminously colorful was "Garden of Love's Sleep" (a movement directly inspired by "Tristan"), with its scintillating parts for piano and ondes martenot, one could practically see and smell the flora and fauna. Similarly, a primary joy ...

Research biologist named director of MBL - Cape Cod Times

Cape Cod Times
WOODS HOLE — The newly appointed director of the Marine Biological Laboratory is poised to switch his home base from the West Coast, although it will not mark his first foray to the Northeast. Nipam Patel, a well-known scholar in modern evolutionary ...

Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden

Key West, Florida - United States

The Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden is the only "frost-free" botanical garden in the continental United States. A tropical environment with ample rain allows most trees to retain their leaves in the dry season (December through late May). It is home to many endangered and threatened flora and fauna. Unlike traditional botanical gardens, this garden advocates the importance of native plants and species through education in a natural conservation habitat. Tropical forests of the world hold at least half of all the variety of life on Earth. Moreover, the species found with the Caribbean are among the richest in plant and animal life on the planet.

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden

One of the 3 major botanical gardens in China, founded in 1959. Over 10,000 plants are preserved in the living collectings. The herbarium (HITBC) has an accession of 140,000 plant specimens from tropical China.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
United States

The Garden features spectacular coastline, waterfalls in a deep palm jungle, sunny areas filled with tropical flowers. It presents a very wide variety of tropical rainforest habitats within a relatively small area that is easily accessible by gravel paths.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
United States

Nonprofit botanical garden located in a rain forest preserve.

National Tropical Botanical Garden
United States

Engaged in the struggle to save the tropical plant world, which is under threat from all sides.

Mounts Botanical Garden - West Palm Beach
United States

Mounts is Palm Beach County's oldest and largest public garden. Our gardens and programs provide the best horticultural and botanical information available related to South Florida's unique plants and environment.

Key West Aquarium
United States

Provides facility, tour and pricing information for this unique aquarium. Narrated tours, pettings, and live shark feedings offered.

Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology - West Indies
United States

Academic programs in marine ecology, research and conservation.

Dokmai Garden : Chiang Mai Botanical Garden

Dokmai Garden is a private Chiang Mai botanical garden, providing a gateway to the understanding of the nature and culture of northern Thailand. The Thai family Seehamongkol live in this private 4 hectare (10 acres) botanical garden. After the introduction you get from us we believe you will be better prepared to understand other Thai gardens, local food markets and the nearby national parks where thorough information and English and scientific n

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Forest Ecology
United States

Current research programs of the STRI in the Republic of Panama.

Fairchild Tropical Garden Virtual Herbarium
United States

Includes photos of more than 50,000 plant, palm, cycad and other cultivated tropical plants from Florida and taxonomic information on grasses, especially bamboos, and other economically important and interesting plants.