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Researchers Discover Why Sepsis From a Staph Infection Causes Organ Failure - Infection Control Today

Infection Control Today
"Once you understand exactly how an infection is impacting the body, you can target treatments to mitigate the infection so that the body can begin to heal," says Paul Kubes, PhD, a professor in the Department of Physiology & Pharmacology and director ...

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Previous studies into this microscopic structure have avoided using the physiological pressures of blood in preparing the kidney. Much like pumping up a tyre, without the correct pressure, the tiny blood vessels and tubules within the kidney structure ...

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... that they will uphold the recommendations of the JCVI [Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation] and offer gender-neutral vaccination in England,” comments Dr Elizabeth Marsh, Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of ...

Kidney Infection Symptoms

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Kidney infections should be taken seriously into account and shouldnot be left untreated because they can cause blood poisoning or kidney failure which can result in death. Fortunately, the symptoms of a kidney infection are easy to recognize once you know what to look for. The following are symptoms that you may get with a kidney infection, you may not have all these symptoms, some people with a kidney infection will just feel generally unwell. Kidney Infection symptoms usually develop quickly over the space of a few hours, or a day.
Symptoms include :
1. A dull ache or pain in the lower back. Back pain is the symptom of decision in most cases of kidney infections. Back pain that comes with a kidney infection is not often confused with something else. Due to the location of pain in the lower corner of the back in one or both parties, the kidneys are obviously the problem. The pain can be sharp and stabbing, but always at the bottom of the sides of the back.
2. Pain when passing urine. And feeling of wanting to pass urine more often than usual and yet having very little urine to pass. Pain, burning urination is one of the best indicators of a kidney infection. Also, when you urinate, you urinate only a little although you strongly feel the need to go. This urgency and the reduction in the amount of urine released are symptoms of a kidney infection.
3. Foul smelling urine with dark color or may contain some blood. Urine from people with a kidney infection is often cloudy and smelly. You may also notice a red tinge in the urine, becoming from a small amount of blood that gets into the urine from the kidneys. Many people with kidney infection notice odor of urine before the color is noticed.
4. A high temperature, fever and shivering. Patients with kidney infections usually experience a fever and chills and it is one of the main reasons for kidney infections may be misdiagnosed early on. The fever that accompanies a kidney infection usually begins as a low grade fever, but rises as the infection is not treated. Chills are often the result of high fever. Other flu symptoms include nausea, diarrhea and body aches.
5. Severe fatigue. Fatigue is often a symptom of a kidney infection. Of course, fatigue can be a symptom, like many other diseases. If you are prone to kidney infections, after some time you may be able to recognize a certain sense of fatigue as a kidney infection in future. It is also important to take into account the severity of fatigue, to the point that a patient may be unable to keep his eyes open or standing for any length of time. As well as fever, fatigue often worsens as renal infection without treatment advances.

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