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Fort Collins summer day camp working to become legal after operating without permit - The Coloradoan

The Coloradoan
It uses the Wood Street property for its gardens and home base, but campers are typically going into the city's natural areas to explore the flora and fauna. The camp teaches its participants about the food it grows, how to cook with it and make meals ...

Improving Crops to Feed Latin America and the Caribbean: First Results of a Regional Project Presented at an IAEA ... - International Atomic Energy Agency

International Atomic Energy Agency
This will include a training course in molecular biology and bioinformatics for the genetic improvement of agricultural crops obtained through induced mutation; and a training course in participatory selection methodologies for crops of regional ...

Research suggests mother's depression during pregnancy can alter a baby's biology - New Atlas

New Atlas
A compelling new study from researchers at King's College London has found that if a pregnant mother suffers depression, it can result in notable biological changes in her baby. This is the first study to suggest that depression in pregnancy can result ...
EurekAlert (press release)

King Abdullah International Gardens

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

The King Abdullah International Gardens have been designed to become a world-leading focus of mankinds understanding of the process, consequence and study of climate change, capturing and displaying extraordinary ecotopes from history and from the present day, and presenting the choices that are available to us.

International Association of Japanese Gardens, Inc.
United States

Advances Japanese gardens and promotes intercultural communications by celebrating and studying Japanese gardens throughout the world.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI)
United Kingdom

The worlds greatest force for plant conservation. BGCI was established in 1987 as a small secretariat under the auspices of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). BGCI is now the leading international organisation working to save the worlds imperilled flora. BGCI is an international organisation that exists to ensure the world-wide conservation of threatened plants, the continued existence of which are intrinsically linked to global issues includin

Abdullah I. A. Alebidi
Saudi Arabia

Lecturer at King Saud University. Postharvest of fruit. Provides C.V., research interests and publications. English and Arabic.

King's Phlebotomists

Cord blood collection specialists working in London, UK. Services offered include the collection of stem cells from the placenta and the umbilical cord immediately after the birth of a baby.

United States

Dog with supposed skydiving act.

King Cobra
United States

Presented by National Geographic. Includes information on the physiology and behavior of this poisonous snake.

Red King Crab
United States

Research project by Sarah Luchsinger on Paralithodes camtschatica, including its classification, habitat, adaptation, nutrition, reproduction and interactions with other species.

United Kingdom

Exhibition celebrating of the work of the King's College men and women who helped crack the code of DNA.

King Street Cats
United States

Nonprofit, all-volunteer, no-kill shelter in Alexandria, Virginia, helping abandoned, abused, or injured cats find new homes.

NATURE: From Orphan to King
United States

Follows one orangutan's struggle for survival and his rise to become king.