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TidyTowns turning over a new leaf and ramping up biodiversity efforts - The Green News

The Green News
July 30th, 2018. Fionnuala Fallon, The Irish Times gardening correspondent, asked last year if the TidyTowns competition was “out-of-step” with our increasingly “environmentally-minded approach” to maintaining our shared landscapes. Speaking with ...

Large group of rare monkeys sighted in Yunnan - Xinhua

KUNMING, July 18 (Xinhua) -- A group of at least 320 rare Phayre's leaf monkeys have been sighted in southwest China's Yunnan Province, a local zoology institute said. The monkeys were seen and photographed by researchers from Kunming Institute of ...

Leaf Frogs

Arlington Heights - United States

Photographs and information on several well camouflaged frogs of the Megophrys genus commonly known as leaf frogs, horned frogs or litter frogs.

Leaf Identification
United States

Instructional unit from the Department of Horticulture at Penn State University. Includes information on identifying leaves by structure, shape, groupings, margins, and arrangement.

True Frogs
United States

Photographs and information on several frogs from Southeast Asia in the genus Rana.

Microhylid Frogs
United States

Photographs and information on several frogs from Southeast Asia in this family.

United States

Photographs and information on several frogs in the genus Theloderma from Southeast Asia.

Frogs of Tasmania

A guide to Tasmania's frogs from the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. Includes sound files of frog calls.

MidWest Frogs
United States

Video clips of frog calls in QuickTime format.
United States

Amphibian Conservation Alliance site with information and resources related to amphibians and amphibian conservation in the USA.

Exploratorium: Frogs
United States

Includes online exhibits like Frog Tracker that lets you listen to the calls of different North American frogs and Disappearing Act, which shows how frogs use camouflage to avoid predators. The site also includes activities and articles.

Frogs for Kids
United States

See pictures of frogs, find out what kinds of frogs live in Minnesota, hear what their calls sound like, print out pages to color, and learn lots about frogs. From the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Guide to identify, understand, and appreciate the state's tailless amphibian species.