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Guy Sauvageau and Josée Hébert, winners of the 2017 Genome Canada "Genomics and Precision Health "competition - Markets Insider

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MONTREAL, April 25, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - The IRIC is proud to announce the $12.8 million in funding awarded to the "Interrogating and implementing Omics for precision medicine in acute myeloid leukemia" project led by Guy Sauvageau (Institute for ...

LeBlanc, Jean Guy

Waltham - United States

Curriculum vitae which includes studies in biotechnology, lactic acid bacteria, genetically modified microorganisms, and publications, at the Universite de Moncton, Universidad Nacional de Tucum+in, Argentina.

Frozen Dead Guy Days
United States

The official site of a winter festival held annually in march in the mountain town of Nederland, Colorado. A bit weird, since the Nederlands city government actively worked to oust Bredo Morstoel (the "frozen dead guy") from their town several years ago. But there he still sits, now the frozen centerpiece of a festival.

Guy Padfield's European Butterfly Page
United Kingdom

Color pictures with descriptions.

Jean Linden
United States

The 19th century Belgian who explored and horticulturist who specialized in orchids.

Jean Baptiste Lamarck (1744 - 1829)
United States

Provides information and biographical details of this biologist whose scientific theories were largely ignored or attacked during his lifetime.

Fabre, Jean-Henri Casimir ( 1823 - 1915 )

The life and work of this entomologist. E-Texts and Gallery.

Fondation Jean Dausset: Human Polymorphism Study Center

Research laboratory that sets up, stores, processes and distributes DNA collections for the identification of genetic factors conferring susceptibility to complex disorders.