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Nod for MSc Biochemistry in EVR college stirs a row - Times of India

Times of India
Trichy: It is an annual ritual to see new undergraduate or postgraduate courses being started in government colleges, but the sanctioning of MSc Biochemistry has left the teachers of Periyar EVR College stunned. With no demand being put forward by the ...

Summer II: Anatomy and Physiology II Class at PJC-Sulphur Springs Campus - KSST (press release) (blog)

KSST (press release) (blog)
CLASSWORK PJC-Sulphur Springs Center Instructor John Hemphill (standing) points out some important information in his Anatomy & Physiology II class. Students pictured are from left (front), Sarah Massey and Jasmin Campos; (back) Maritza Velasco and ...

What happens in your brain when kids are left in cars -
Steve Ozbolt of Cudahy puts his son, Johnnie, 16 months into a properly fitted car seat with the help of Lynn Mellenthien during a car seat safety check at Ewald Venus Ford in Cudahy on Saturday, June 23. The event was sponsored by Kohls and Safe Kids ...

Left vs. Right: Which Side Are You On?

Seattle - United States

Offers a test to find out the dominant hemisphere of your brain. Explains basic right and left brain characteristics, and gives guidance on how to balance the sides for success in school.

Tunicates with Salad on the Side
United States

Essay by Richard Howey on the tunicates and their biology with a look at other organisms that also foul the hulls of ships.

Bonobos: The Left-Bank Chimpanzees
United States

Conservation, zoo, and species information.

NATURE: The Seedy Side of Plants
United States

Discover the methods seeds use to travel, how they adapt to new environments, and how genetic engineering is being used to alter the natural seed production of plants.

United Kingdom

Article by Clive Boorman and Sebastian Shimeld discussing directional asymmetric morphology in which sidedness is fixed for a population, species or higher taxon. [PDF]

Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame
United States

Devoted to artistic pictures of left-handed DNA (inverted images of B-form DNA), a common mistake made in text books, journals, and other scientific sources.

Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame
United States

Devoted to correct and incorrect representations of left-handed DNA. Also has links related to left-handedness in nature, research, and in the news.


Factsheet on this nocturnal mammal, its description, habitat, social systems and reproduction.

Atlas of Protein Side-Chain Interactions
United Kingdom

Modeling the packing of all 20 amino acid side-chains with one-another and with DNA - from Birkbeck and University Colleges, London.