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New weakness discovered in sleeping sickness pathogen - Phys.Org

Microscopic image in false color of Trypanosoma brucei surrounded by red blood cells. Credit: Institute of Cell Biology, University of Bern. Trypanosomes are single-celled parasites that cause diseases such as human African sleeping sickness and Nagana ...

Visualizing Cell Architecture -
The individual images provide visualization of cell structures separated by at least 200 nanometers. A super-resolution image is developed by fitting the images through a point spread function. The computer algorithm then calculates the centroid of the ...

Londonderry cemetery sightings spark red squirrel hope - BBC News

BBC News
Derry city cemetery Image caption The cemetery is located on the Lone Moor Road. "The squirrels are there, we've seen foxes and badgers, all sorts of flora and fauna," Mr Breslin said. "Victorians designed their cemeteries to double up as parks, places ...

LemnaTec Image Processing

Aachen - Germany

Bio-testing for potentially hazardous substances using image processing of cultured Lemna.

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    Ecology - Software

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    Lemna Tec Image Processing for Biology, HTS, Ecotoxicology, Colony Counter

LemnaTec Image Processing in Biology

Image processing software for biotests (Lemna, Bonit, Daphnia). Distributor for various software firms.


Provides ecotoxicology testing products and services. Describes the Lemna (duckweed) bioassay test for detecting and evaluating hazardous substances in ecosystems.

Processing Towards Life
United States

L Charles Birch discusses self-organisation as exampled by termites, ants and slime moulds, where patterns of behavior are determined, not by some centralised authority, but by local interactions about decentralised components

Auditory Processing Disorder

People who have normal hearing actually hear far more than they perceive. Where hearing is a function of the ear, auditory processing - listening - is a function of the brain. Auditory processing describes the way the brain assigns significance and meaning to the sounds in the environment. Effective auditory processing involves a relatively high speed of information transfer. It also requires a good attention span, a well-functioning memory, and

Visual Information Processing Group
United States

Research in the area of representation, analysis, recognition, storage and retrieval of visual information such as images, video and audio.

Central Auditory Processing Disorders
United States

Central auditory processing is the series of tasks done by parts of the auditory nerve pathways in the brain to sort out and refine the raw data delivered by the ear. This processing provides the recognizable sound message we use in thinking and communication.

University of Brussels: Evolutionary Processing Group

Design of hierarchical less-than-formally rational computational systems and the investigation of "lifelike" information processing.

Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing

The Laboratory for Advanced Brain Signal Processing investigates and develops tools and software for analysis, extraction, enhancement, de-noising detection, localization, recognition and classification of brain signals and patterns.

Cytocentric Cell Incubation & Processing Systems
United States

CYTOCENTRIC is a new and better way to grow and manipulate cells in vitro. It goes beyond the needs of people, to meet the needs of cells. If you truly value your time and your cells, discover the new Xvivo System. It's the first and only cell culture and processing system designed from the ground up for cells. Cytocentric-by-design eliminates the handicaps inherent in conventional equipment designed for people. Pay a touch at the web site and

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