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The anatomy of the PNB fraud - Livemint - Livemint

Clearly, the control system in Punjab National Bank, India's second largest government-owned bank by assets, has gone to the dogs.

Guts and gory: vampire bats need bacteria to digest blood - Cosmos

A new study of common vampire bats demonstrates some unique adaptations for its blood-sucking lifestyle, as well as the importance of a holistic approach to understanding the real complexities of evolution. In 1994 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in ...

MHS anatomy students sponsor blood drive - The Marshall Democrat-News

The Marshall Democrat-News
Teresa Franklin, MHS science instructor, said this blood drive is an event that is directed by the students through her four anatomy and physiology classes. "This is through the anatomy and physiology classes," she said. "(It's) a community service ...

Lifeline Cord Blood Bank

Houston - United States

Umbilical Cord Blood Bank in Cyprus, with offices in Nicosia, Cyprus and London, UK.

Cord blood: Preserving a lifeline
United States

Collection and storage of newborns' umbilical cord blood for treatment against future disease is rising in popularity.

Alberta Cord Blood Bank

A non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells for public use. Although located in Edmonton, Alberta, the Bank is national in scope and collects donated waste umbilical cord blood samples from coast to coast in Canada.

Cord Blood Bank of Canada

Information on cord blood banking and medical uses of stem cells.

New England Cord Blood Bank
United States

Umbilical cord blood stem cell processing and storage. Boston, Massachusetts.

Umblical Cord Blood Bank

Canadian company provides information on the use of cord blood stem cells in medicine and offers processing and preservation services. English, French and Arabic.

Cryolife Cord Blood Bank
Hong Kong

State-of-the-art facilities for the collection, processing and long-term cryogenic storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells in Hong Kong.

CellSafe Cord Blood Bank
United States

Egyptian umbilical cord stem cell collection, processing and storage company. Includes a company profile, information on diseases that can be treated with stem cells, pricing, FAQ and video tour.

United States

Provides an overview of cord blood and stem cell transplants, news, resources, FAQ and a list of cord blood banks around the world.


Umbilical Cord Blood Bank in Ontario, Canada.

A Parent's Guide to Choosing a Private Cord Blood Bank
United States

Provides a questionnaire for interviewing and evaluating private cord blood banks. Background information on medical pros and cons, laboratory procedures, and a list of storage banks.