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Fall River area students honored at colleges - Entertainment - The ... - Fall River Herald News

Fall River Herald News
WESTMINSTER, Md. — Makaila Rose Lyons of Taunton has been named to the McDaniel College fall dean's list with high honors. HARRISONBURG, Va. — James Madison University announced the following students made the president's list for the fall semester ...

WA adds more species to threatened list - Daily Mail

Daily Mail
Trapdoor spiders have been added to the West Australian threatened species list following a review which also recommended de-listing six other flora and fauna. Two new species of trapdoor spiders join eight plants, including members of the Acacia and ...

Retired Fort biology teacher Wanie earns 'Big Heart' honor - Daily Union

Daily Union
Richard “Dick” Wanie, a retired Fort Atkinson High School biology teacher, is the 2018 recipient of Heart of the City's Lue Ehinger's Big Heart Award. The award, a traveling trophy inscribed with the names of past recipients, is presented annually in ...

List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature

Toulouse - France

Alphabetically and chronologically arranged lists of taxa, with additional information on bacterial taxonomy.

Bacterial Nomenclature

A place to find out the most current name for a bacterium.

Great Ape Standing and Personhood (GRASP)
United States

Aims to gain support for creating new legal rights and protection for the non-human great apes.

Carbohydrate Nomenclature
United Kingdom

Detail guidelines about nomenclature of carbohydrates.

United States

Etymologies, puns and funny sounds and wordplay in taxonomy.

Enzyme Nomenclature Database

Repository information by class, description, chemical compound, and cofactor.

Bacterial Identification

Service for the identification of bacteria and fungi sequences by sequence alignment.

Bacterial Motility
United States

Information on how bacteria move, with several videos from the Microbiology Video Library.

Bacterial Photosynthesis
United States

Information on autotrophic bacteria that use only inorganic nutrients, and heterotrophic bacteria that require an organic source of carbon, with videos from the Microbiology Video Library.

Bacterial Pictures

Provides images of the causative agents of Anthrax, Yersinia and several generalised bacterial cells including the walls of gram positive and gram negative cells.

Tetracycline and MLS Antibiotic Nomenclature
United States

Latest information on the Tetracycline and Macrolide-Lincosamide-Streptogramin (MLS) antibiotic resistance genes and their structure.