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'Amazing Dragon' Discovery in China Reshapes History of Dinosaurs' Evolution - New York Times

New York Times
A farmer in China stumbled upon some fossils more than a decade ago, which led to an excavation, which led to a realization: It's time to rethink the evolutionary history of some of the biggest dinosaurs that ever walked the earth. In a study published ...
ZME Science
New Scientist
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Biodiversity: Why the extinction crisis isn't as bad as you thought - New Scientist

New Scientist
You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard about the biodiversity crisis. Since about 1500, expanding human activity has condemned vast numbers of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles to an early grave. Now worries have spread to ...

Mushrooms, Magma and Love in a Time of Science - New York Times

New York Times
Orra White Hitchcock (1796-1863) was one of the most remarkable women from this more egalitarian age of scientific study. She had a deep knowledge of botany, zoology and paleontology, and she was also an artist — though that “also” would have seemed ...

Living Fossils of the Deep

Washington - United States

Expedition to the deep sea of The Bahamas to explore the world of slitsnails. From the Smithsonian Institutes National Museum of Natural History.

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    Flora and Fauna - Animalia

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    Living Fossils of the Deep, An Expedition to the Bahamian Seafloor, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

Large Branchiopods - Living Fossils

Classification and description of three orders: Anostraca, Notostraca, and Conchostraca.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Deep Sea Living Species List
United States

Find profiles of the fish, squids, clams, lobsters, jellies, and anemone that make their home in deep ocean waters and on sea floors.

United States

2004 mission to study the fantastic life forms of four alien landscapes in the Gulf of Mexico up to 3,000 feet deep.

United States

The American Museum of Natural History provides a guided tour through the evolution of vertebrates.

The Cycads: Fossils of the Past
United States

An introduction.

Bryozoan Fossils of Kentucky
United States

See images of Bryozoan fossils, ancient microscopic sea animals that are the most common form of fossil found in Kentucky.

Prominent Hominid Fossils
United States

The list is sorted by species, going from older to more recent species. Within each species, finds are sorted by the order of their discovery. Each species has a type specimen which was used to define it.

Time-Space Chart: Hominid Fossils
United States

Provides details of the different hominid finds from around the world by place and species.

Tiny Fossils may be Earth's Oldest Life
United Kingdom

Article from the New Scientist on studies by William Schopf of UCLA of certain ancient Australian rocks using a technique called laser Raman analysis.

Transitional Vertebrate Fossils FAQ: Primates
United States

Outline of the primate species lineage that led to humans (with known gaps).