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Price Visit to Beaufort Includes a Sea Tour and Lessons in Marine Biology - Duke Today

Duke Today
Duke President Vincent Price and his wife, Annette, made their first visit to the Duke Marine Lab this past weekend and met with Duke faculty and students to get a close look at marine research on the coast. The Prices also met with local officials and ...

Who is Monty Halls? My Family And The Galapagos host, marine ... - The Sun

The Sun
He's the dashing adventurer who lobes a bit of marine life. Here's all you need to know about Monty Halls and his new show.

Just In Time For Shark Week, Marine Biologist Gives A Talk At The Montauk Library -
Scott Curatolo-Wagemann, a marine biologist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, educated Discovery Channel-type enthusiasts and the casual passing-through tourist at the Montauk Library on Friday evening about the lives of sharks, their ...

Locally Managed Marine Area Network

Sunnyvale - United States

A group of marine conservation practitioners working in Asia and the Pacific who have joined together to increase the success of our efforts. Website is designed to provide information, lessons and stories from communities that are using a locally-managed marine area approach in the management and conservation of their marine resources.

Race Rocks Marine Protected Area
United States

Live streaming video and video archive highlight the ecosystem of this site of Canada's first Marine Protected Area.

Kizilliman Marine Protected Area and Mediterranean Monk Seal Conservation Project
United Kingdom

Focuses on the study and conservation of marine animals which inhabit the Mediterranean sea with a special focus on the region's monk seals.

Marine Life Information Network
United Kingdom

The website of the Marine Biological Association of the UK and Ireland.

Marine Fish Conservation Network
United States

Coalition dedicated to conserving marine fisheries and to promoting their long-term sustainability.

Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
United States

Dedicated to understanding and conserving marine mammals. First aid, pictures, press releases, fact sheets, and pathology reports are online.

United Kingdom

Covers the three orders: Cetacea - whales, porpoises, dolphins; Pinnipedia - seals, sea-lions, walruses; Sirenia - manatees and dugongs.

Moths of the Ottawa Area
United States

Photographs by Lynn Scott of live moths in Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada.


Volunteer to conduct an area frog survey or just look over the wealth of information available here.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
United States

50-acre partially wooded park designed to preserve the early southern garden in an environment that presents native plants in an attractive balance with traditional botanical garden elements. Dothan, Alabama, USA.

Bay Area Mycological Society
United States

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, group to educate the public about edible and poisonous wild mushrooms.