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'Special report: The evolution of the electric bus' by Automotive World - Automotive World (press release)

Automotive World (press release)
Automotive World has published a new report, 'Special report: The evolution of the electric bus', which considers the role of electrification in this most common of public transportation solutions. From smooth silent motion to the ability to operate ...

Evolution, religion, and why it's not just about lack of scientific reasoning ability - BMC Blogs Network (blog)

BMC Blogs Network (blog)
Despite overwhelming evidence for evolution, many people still choose to reject it as an explanation for how humans and other organisms evolved and developed. This attitude seems to be especially common amongst religious people. But why is that, and ...

The Ancient Armor of Fish--Scales--Provide Clues to Hair, Feather Development - Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment
Parichy's lab investigates developmental genetics of adult morphology, stem cell biology and evolution, using zebrafish and related species as models. A high percentage of the genes in these common aquarium fish are the same as in humans – reflecting a ...

6 unlikely factors that can scar your memory - TheHealthSite

A study named 'Disrupted spatial memory is a consequence of picornavirus infection' published in the journal, 'Neurobiology of Disease' concluded that a group of viruses including those responsible for common cold, flu, diarrhoea may hamper memory ...

The ancient armor of fish -- scales -- provide clues to hair, feather development - Science Daily

Science Daily
Parichy's lab investigates developmental genetics of adult morphology, stem cell biology and evolution, using zebrafish and related species as models. A high percentage of the genes in these common aquarium fish are the same as in humans -- reflecting ...

See Ariana Grande's Entire Beauty Evolution – from Dark Brown Curls to a Platinum Ponytail -
What do high ponytails, half-up hairstyles and black winged eyeliner have in common? They're the signatures that Ariana Grande almost never leaves the house without. But she didn't always have these go-tos. Here's a guide to the recently-engaged star's ...

Ancestor's dinners gives new insight into NZ biodiversity - Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand
Scientists have been examining the eating habits of our ancestors to study the impact early humans have had on New Zealand's biodiversity. Excavation site at Awamoa Photo: Shar Briden, Absolute Archaeology Limited, Dunedin. They've been looking at ...

Lowest Common Ancestor

United States

A Java tool to sort phylogenetic trees by searching for user-specified subtrees that contain a monophyletic group of interest defined ...

The Lophophore
United States

Information on this complex feeding structure possessed by members of the groups Brachiopoda, Bryozoa, and Phoronida and the likelihood that ...

Ardipithecus ramidus - Science Magazine
United States

Learn about the early hominid species Ardipithecus ramidus, commonly know by the Ardi fossil. These 4.4 million year old hominid ...


Article about a discovery, made by a University of Melbourne-led team, that goannas and iguanas are venomous and share a ...

Early Hominids
United States

Radio report about a research team's discovery, in a Pleistocene cave site in Atapuerca, Spain, of a new species of ... - Cladistics
United States

Cladistics or phylogenetic systematics , an approach to the classification of living things in which organisms are defined and grouped ...

History of Molecular Evolution
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the emergence of this field of study following the rise of molecular biology and the advent ...

United States

Scientists have found skeletons of a human species that grew no larger than a three-year-old modern child. The species lived ...

Bio Corporation
United States

Bio Corporation has all the highest quality preserved specimens, live specimens, dissection equipment, safety equipment, educational movies, educational software CDs, ...

Insects Result of Convergent Evolution
United States

Research by a team of Italian and American researchers, led by Dr Francesco Nardi, suggests that not all insects evolved ...

United States

Information from Wikipedia on Bos primigenius, a species of extinct wild cattle and the ancestor of domestic cattle.

Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski Horse

Dedicated to the conservation of the Takh, the last surviving wild ancestor of the domestic horse.

Juglans regia (Common Walnut)

Image of this species and closeup of leaves.

Identify America's Common Trees
United States

Provides quick identification of 100 common conifer and evergreen trees of the North American forest using a tree finder key, ...

Phylogeny of Life, The
United States

Allows users to navigate through the Three Domains of Life classification system and explore the ancestor/descendant relationships which connect all ...

Dichomeris acuminatus
United States

Photograph and information on this species.

Ropalidia socialistica
United States

A photograph and description of this wasp.

Adaptive Radiation and Hybridization in the Hawaiian Silversword Alliance
United States

Looks at how this species, exhibiting an extraordinary range of anatomical, morphological, and ecological adaptations, evolved from a single ancestor ...

Ischiodon scutellaris: Common Hover Fly
United States

Description, other information and a photograph.

Harmonia conformis: Common Spotted Ladybird
United States

Information and photograph of a nymph.

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