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Extinct Burrowing Bat Discovered, and It Was Giant - National Geographic

National Geographic
... land turtles, and several types of bird. (Read: "Antarctica Was Once Covered in Forests. We Just Found One That Fossilized.") On a section of what would later become New Zealand's South Island, an ecosystem of these diverse species clustered around ...
ZME Science

Weizmann Institute bat researchers map the brain's social landscape - The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post
Nachum Ulanovsky of the Rehovot institute's neurobiology department and colleagues doing research on Egyptian fruit bats have published their discovery in the prestigious journal Science. They reveal a sub-population of neurons that encode the specific ...

Keown: Should conversations about religion and evolution mix? - Casper Star-Tribune Online

Casper Star-Tribune Online
For species, thousands of survival systems have evolved. Average weight for adult blue whales is over 200,000 pounds. Its heart alone is as large as a small car. It survives by filtering tiny krill crustaceans. A small bat may weigh 1 ounce. It ...

Lubee Bat Conservancy

Gainesville, Florida - United States

We are an international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting biological diversity through the conservation of fruit bats.

We focus our efforts on plant-visiting 'fruit and nectar' bats because they are vulnerable to extinction yet vital to the world's rainforests and deserts and to the economies of developing countries. By protecting these bats we are working to conserve the more than 145 genera of plants that depend on them for pollination and seed dispersal; the countless organisms that depend on those plants for food and shelter; and ultimately all people that depend on healthy ecosystems. Our mission is to save fruit bats and their habitats through research, conservation and education.

Lubee Bat Conservancy
United States

International non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of old-world fruit and nectar bats. Includes information on the Lubee Bat Center in Gainesville.

Lubee Bat Conservancy
United States

International nonprofit organization working to save fruit and nectar bats and their habitats through conservation, research and education. Learn about bat species and habits, download educational tools, or volunteer to help.

Lubee Bat Conservancy
United States

Biology, conservation and the importance of fruit and nectar bats in tropical ecosystems.

United States

Working to develop and advance the pool of scientific knowledge of all life forms essential for their comprehensive and sustainable management, conservation, and use.

The Lobster Conservancy
United States

Dedicated to protecting and preserving the American Lobster and the traditional trap fishery it supports, through research and public education.

United Kingdom

Engaged in conservation and education. Offers flying demonstrations.

Snow Leopard Conservancy
United States

Includes news, descriptions of projects, and close-up video of wild snow leopards.

Australian Platypus Conservancy

Information about the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), research, its conservation and protection, and platypus-spotting opportunities. Also offers merchandise for sale.

American Bird Conservancy
United States

Details on programs, grants, field guides, and more.

Snow Leopard Conservancy
United States

Strives to lead local efforts for effective stewardship of the endangered snow leopard and its habitat.