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Biocon, Sandoz partner for immunology and cancer biosimilars' development - Business Standard

Business Standard
Biocon has signed with Sandoz, the generics arm of the $48.52-billion Swiss Pharma giant Novartis to jointly invest and co-develop, manufacture and market, a new range of biosimilars in immunology and cancer for the global market. Both firms will have ...
The Center for Biosimilars
BioPharma Dive
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Eli Lilly, sporting a lower tax rate, scouts smaller deals in immunology, cancer - FiercePharma

Eli Lilly, sporting a lower tax rate, scouts smaller deals in immunology, cancer. by Carly Helfand |. Jan 11, 2018 11:55am. Eli Lilly. Tax reform will make Eli Lilly Lilly “much more competitive on a deal-by-deal basis," according to Darren Carroll ...

Amity Manning Receives Smith Family Foundation Award for Research on the Molecular Biology of Cancer Cells - WPI News

WPI News
Amity Manning, assistant professor of biology and biotechnology, has received a three-year, $300,000 award from the Smith Family Awards Program for Excellence in Biomedical Research. The grant will support her research on the molecular biology of ...

Lymph Nodes Cancer

Scottsdale, Arizona - United States

Find everything you need to know about Lymph Nodes Cancer. Your human body can't survive and function well without lymph nodes. Lymph nodes act as the carrier for your body's immunity system. Without them, infection and viruses would find their way into your body's system and cut down every vital organ necessary to keep man alive. That's why one of the most critical types of cancers is the lymph nodes cancer. Lymph nodes cancer has its symptoms that can be detected as early as the doctor can perform tests on the patient. According to recent studies, this type of cancer usually strikes mostly men in their fifties but it can also strike men from their thirties and older. Further information can be obtained from the web site.

MicroRNA in Cancer
United States

Review of microRNA role in cancer by Nature journal. Provides full-length research papers and reviews.

Cancer Backup
United Kingdom

Provides information on sperm storage before chemotherapy for cancer patients.

United States

Informative site providing detailed information about genetics, causes, risk factors, and prevention of cancer. From the National Cancer Institute aimed at both patients and health professionals.

Cancer Immunome Database
United States

resource maintained by the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Academy of Cancer Immunology and European Cancer Immunome Program. [requires free registration]

United States

Online review of microRNA application for potential therapy of cancer by Dmitriy Ovcharenko.

United States

The human cancer gene prevention and therapy program conducts basic research, clinical trials and vector development.


Concise and updated reviews on genes, cytogenetic and clinical entities in cancer, and on cancer-prone diseases; it is also a portal towards databases devoted to genomics and cancer.

United States

A paper on a genetic model for the cause of cancer describing a counter mechanism for the cell's life span and how this counter can cause cancer.

Canine Cancer Campaign
United States

Morris Animal Foundation campaign dedicated to raising awareness and funding research about the one-in-four dogs that die from cancer.

Cancer Gene Therapy
United States

Publishes original laboratory and clinical research papers, case reports and review articles covering developments in gene transfer and gene therapy as applied to cancer research. Full articles available by subscription .