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Life Under the Microscope: The Year's Best Biology Close-Ups - Wired

8th Prize: Matthew S. Lehnert and Ashley L. Lash, Kent State University at Stark, OH Subject: Proboscis (mouthparts) of a vampire moth (Calyptra thalictri) Technique: Confocal microscopy. Magnification: 10x. Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition®.

18000 tons of concrete will form massive new artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico -
A scientist diver inspects the flora and fauna located on artificial reefs, in this August. Photo By BORIS HORVAT/AFP/Getty Images. A scientist diver inspects the flora and fauna located on artificial reefs, in this August 5, 2012 file photo off the ...

Anatomy of a Car Crash: Part 3 – the investigation - Irish Times

Irish Times
Anatomy of a Car Crash: Part 3 – the investigation. Shortly after first fatal road crash of 2014, in which two men – Gearóid Scully and Terence Beagan – lost their lives, gardaí and medics began investigating how they died, and why. Video; Images ...

Lynn Scott's Moth Images

Columbus - United States

Photos and notes of live moths mainly near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Scott Aquarium
United States

Walk on the bottom of the ocean and come nose to nose with sea turtles as sharks circle above you in the 70 foot shark tunnel. Discover polar regions, temperate oceans, coral reefs and the Amazon exploring the largest aquarium in a zoo, the Scott Aquarium. From Antarctic penguins to colorful warm water fish, you will observe the magical world of underwater life.

Scott and Piglette
United States

My guinea piggies and their family.

Miller, Scott E.
United States

Systematics, biogeography, and ecology, focusing on moths and beetles. Curriculum vitae, articles, and links.

United States

Overview and references for research on acyl lipids of cyanelles from Glaucocystis nostochinearunm, and peptidoglycan envelope in the cyanelles of Glaucocystis nosto-chinearum.

Scott's Botanical Links
United States

Collection of sites emphasizing botany education and resources for advanced high school and college students.

Dr. Scott Russell's Botanical Links
United States

Variety of informative, up-to-date, plant-related links from the Univ. of Oklahoma.

United States

Scott provides information on his research which deals mainly with the use of molecular biology to understand evolutionary processes, especially the evolutionary history of immune system genes at the macro- and microevolutionary levels.

Eugenie Scott - Evolution and Providence
United States

Video of lecture on how to teach evolution.

Seed Images
United States

Identification database containing pictures and descriptions all of the seeds required to pass the Registered Seed Technologists examination and the Association of Official Seed Analyst's Certification. Maintained by Colorado State University Seed Programs.

United States

Over 60 images of stoneflies.