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The Scientific Palaeoart of Dr Mark Witton - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
There is a revolution in palaeoart, and a revolution in the science of pterosaurs. Here, we look at an artist and scientist deeply involved in both of these events... By Darren Naish on March 14, 2018; 2. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on ...

Biochemistry Major Selected for Internship at Los Alamos - Seton Hall University News & Events

Seton Hall University News & Events
Sara Lamcaj, a senior biochemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been chosen for a post-baccalaureate internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico this summer. Lamcaj was selected for the honor by scientist Amanda Barry ...

Biodiversity Scientist Warns: "We're Sleepwalking into a Mass ... - Inverse

A new study on the fluctuating biodiversity of shrimp over the past 200 million years supports the idea that climate change could trigger a sixth mass extinction.
Science Daily

MAD Scientist & Associates

Westerville, Ohio - United States

Specialists in Ecological & Wetland Consulting. Established in 1998, MAD Scientist & Associates is a full-service ecological and wetland consulting firm. MAD Scientist & Associates provides clients with a high level of expertise in wetland science, ecological site characterization, and environmental impact assessment. We deliver accurate, complete, and timely data that can streamline the environmental compliance process and allow clients to make better-informed and more sustainable land use decisions. MAD Scientist & Associates also helps clients understand and successfully navigate increasingly complex regulatory requirements and permit processes to meet project goals as efficiently as possible. We offer a variety of ecological consulting services in the areas of wetlands and streams, ecological risk assessment, and ecological studies, including:

* Wetland Delineation
* Wetland Permitting
* Wetland Mitigation & Monitoring
* Wetland Restoration
* Ecological Risk Assessment
* LEED Certification Site Selection Services
* Threatened and Endangered Species & Habitat Surveys
* Stream Characterization & Aquatic Studies
* Botanical Surveys & Specialized Floristic Assessments
* Ecological Inventories & Field Biology Technical Support

The MAD Scientist Network
United States

Ask-A-Scientist, fun educational activities, and information resources - from Washington Univ.-St. Louis.

United States

Suppliers of laboratory instruments for life sciences, Biotechnology, molecular diagnostics and environmental sciences in India.

United States

Offers nucleosides, nucleoside phosphoramidites, fluorescent markers, biotins, and other tools for biomedical research. Includes searchable catalog and profile of company in Dexter, Michigan.

Bramley Associates
United Kingdom

UK based ecological consultants and surveyors. Services include initial scoping surveys, Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and full ecological surveys in the terrestrial, marine and freshwater environments.

H.T. Harvey & Associates
United States

Ecological consulting services for public agencies and private companies. Location California (USA); projects worldwide.

WildLife Associates
United States

Nonprofit rehabilitation center offers educational programs and school assemblies with non-releasable, live animals.

BioMedia Associates
United States

Microscopy, closeups, dissections, animations, videos and multimedia of the living world. Materials are for classroom use by students and teachers. Some products are advertised.

EcoPlan Associates, Inc.
United States

EcoPlan Associates, Inc. is a professional consulting firm specializing in environmental science and resource economics. This combination of environmental and economic expertise is unique among environmental consulting firms, allowing EcoPlan to provide answers to complex natural resource issues and tradeoffs. Dedicated to excellence in this specialization, EcoPlan keeps abreast of ever-changing environmental laws and regulations, environmental a

BioPlan Associates, Inc.
United States

The corner on knowledge and information. For over 20 years, BioPlan has been a leading source for scientific information through industry-leading surveys, reports ans publications. BioPlan Associates has provided the highest levels of targeted customer knowledge and marketing management solutions for technical organizations since 1989. We deliver to our customers the confidence they need to make more aggressive, rapid, tactical marketing decision

United States

Toure Associates (TA) is a state and federally recognized Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE), and Small Business Administration (SBA) certified environmental consulting company to include MBE, DBE, and UDBE certifications.