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Herbarium to become part of digital database - Cookeville Herald Citizen

Cookeville Herald Citizen
Tennessee Tech zoology major Cory Blackwater works with Joey Shaw from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga to take high resolution photographs of items in Tech's herbarium that will become part of a digital database.. \rOriginal ...

Marine biologist Emma Perry guest at Nature PEI's monthly meeting - The Guardian

The Guardian
Perry has been a professor at Unity College in Maine for 20 years, where she teaches marine biology and invertebrate zoology. She was inspired to become a biologist after watching “Life on Earth” as a child in Britain. She completed her Bachelor's ...

MDI Biological Laboratory to Offer Signature Course in Comparative Regenerative Biology - Bio-IT World

Bio-IT World
These are some of the intriguing questions that will be addressed in the MDI Biological Laboratory's “REGEN 2017” course in Comparative Regenerative Biology July 29 through Aug. 12, 2017, on the institution's campus in Bar Harbor, Maine. The increased ...

Maine Coon - Cattery database

Zagreb - Croatia

Searchable Maine Coon database. The web site is designed for Maine Coon breeders so they could easily present and announce their catterys. We are happy that we can help you in easier advertising!

Maine Coon Database

Searchable Maine Coon database including test matings and inbreeding calculation.

Hibou Cats Maine Coon Database

MaineT CoonT pedigree database with 32000+ pedigrees as of May 2002.

United Kingdom

A community which aims to make a positive contribution to the preservation, promotion and protection of the Maine Coon Polydactyl.

Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association
United States

Original breed club which offers a list of breeder members and information about the breed.

Maine Coon: Cat Breed FAQ
United States

Facts about one of the oldest natural breeds in North America from the Cat Fanciers web site.

Interplex Cattery
United States

An American Polydactyl cattery breeding for tiger and tabby markings.

Gulf of Maine
United States

Collects and supplies live and preserved cold-water Atlantic marine animal and plant specimens for use in research and educational applications.

United States

Offers collections of local and exotic animals, including seals and sharks.

Gulf of Maine Expedition2002
United States

A kayaking expedition going from the Gulf of Maine and Nova Scotia, Canada in 2002. Purpose was to record the state of the coastal ecosystem and raise awareness about the environment and to encourage people to use low-impact recreational watercraft in this region. Page includes final report (in PDF) and general facts about the area.

CozyCoon Maine Coons

Pictures of two male cats, guestbook, history of the breed, and links.