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Our Love of a Food Found Inside Bones Helped Evolve Human Hands - ScienceAlert

Of all the animals, humans have evolved pretty spectacular hands. Our particular manual configuration is unique in the animal kingdom, which means we were ...

What are the key considerations for NetOps with the evolution of next-gen IT? - ITProPortal

So, what role does NetOps play in the evolution of next-gen IT? Cloud adoption and DevOps are pushing the infrastructure teams and NetOps to evolve rapidly. It is increasingly expected that team members abandon old command-line interfaces (CLI), manual ...

Unique biology lab manual being developed for ESU students - KVOE

Inspired by working with a few ESU students in the biology department, Dr. Erika Martin, coordinator of the biology lab realized there is a lack of accessibility of most biological topics to students with severe visual impairments. Dr. Martin says she ...

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera

Bloemfontein - South Africa

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera : to encourage the study of dipterology, both on and beyond the African continent, through the production of a high quality Manual of Afrotropical Diptera, for the use of practicing systematists, applied entomologists, conservationists, all students of entomology and the public at large.

Manual of Afrotropical Diptera
Russian Federation

Project that aims to encourage the study of dipterology, and provide information for the use of practicing systematists, applied entomologists, conservationists, students of entomology and the public.

Afrotropical Gracillariidae

Provides a checklist of Afrotropical Gracillariidae.

United States

Characteristics, phylogeny, and images from the Tree of Life project.

The Darwin Manual

Guide to running this programming language. Library contains programs to compute pairwise alignments, phylogenetic trees, multiple sequence alignments, and to make secondary structure predictions.

Diptera Site
United States

Detailed information about flies from the USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory.
United States

Deals with all aspects of dipterology (the study of Diptera: flies and midges) and dipterists worldwide. Includes images and forums.

Molecular Cloning Manual
United States

Subscription only source of laboratory techniques in DNA and protein science, to complement the hard copy, giving scientists the benefit of both media from CSHL, NY.

United States

From Pesticide Education Resources at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Image gallery, biology, habits and control of roaches with recommended insecticides.

Mydidae (Diptera: Asiloidea)

Detailed information, including morphology, life history, and phylogeny, with bibliography and links.

Diptera - Flies Are Cool
United States

Photos and information on Diptera (true flies) and links to other entomological and parasitological sites.