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Audit finds biodiversity data aggregators 'lose and confuse' data - Science Daily

Science Daily
"One aggregator would change a name and the other wouldn't, or would change it in a different way." Furthermore, dates, names and locality information were sometimes lost from records, mainly due to programming errors in the software used by ...

Celebrating Women in STEM: Dr. Janaki Ammal - University News

University News
Covering topics from structure of plants to genetics, botany – the study of plant life – has applications in medicine, agriculture, climate change and even economics. One woman in botany helped change India's sugar from an undesirable sweetener to the ...

Award-winning biologist and writer Sean Carroll to speak at UC Santa Cruz - UC Santa Cruz (press release)

UC Santa Cruz (press release)
An internationally recognized evolutionary biologist, Carroll is vice president for science education at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the Allan Wilson Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison ...

MapDisto Genetics Software


Software for genetic analyses. You'll find on this web site several computer programs, databases or tools for different types of genetic analyses.

Statistical Genetics Software
United States

Collection of primarily Fortan 77 programs for genetic analysis. Requires registration to download. Site not updated since 1999.

Broad Institute Genetics Software
United States

Offers a wide range of software for genome sequence analysis, genetic variation, linkage analysis, expression analysis, and PCR primer selection.

Genetics Software from the Slatkin Lab
United States

Links to sites for downloading phylogenetic software.

Hayward Genetics Center/Human Genetics Program - Tulane University School of Medicine
United States

Provides primary and tertiary care genetic services to patients at Tulane Hospital and Clinic, and is the referral center to the Louisiana State Genetic Diseases Program for metabolic diseases.

Genetics and Genealogy: Article #10: Genetics and Human Migration Patterns
United Kingdom

Genetics and Human Migration Patterns

UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory: Feline Genetics
United States

Research includes genetic mutations that cause inherited diseases, phenotypic traits, population dynamics of breed development and domestic cat evolution, and the development of genetic tools to assist in feline gene mapping.

ZMM Software Inc.
United States

Modeling tool for theoretical studies, employing molecular mechanics approach in combination with Monte Carlo energy minimization algorithm. Downloads on secure server, and contacts in Flamborough, Ontario.

Artemis Software
United Kingdom

Available from the Sanger Institute of the Wellcome Foundation, is a free genome viewer and annotation tool that allows visualization of sequence features and the results of analyses.

DNA Software
United States

Company selling software intended for molecular biology.

Oligo Software
United States

Consensus, multiplex and degenerate primers, oligonucleotide database, secondary structure and difficult sequencing for researchers in PCR and related technologies. Developed since 1989, by Molecular Biology Insights Inc.