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Alector raises $133M in 5th VC round to push neuro-immunology drugs into Alzheimer's trials - FierceBiotech

Previous Fierce 15 winner Alector has raised $133 million through a fifth round of venture capital financing, with plans to move at least three of its immune-modulating drugs into clinical testing against neurodegenerative disorders within the next ...
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Former 'Grey's Anatomy' Showrunners Move Overall Deal to Universal TV (Exclusive) - Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter
Phelan and Rater, who served as showrunners and exec producers on Grey's Anatomy for eight seasons, exited the ABC drama in 2013 for their first overall pact in 2013 with CBS TV Studios. While at the latter, the duo reunited with Katherine Heigl on CBS ...

Tips For Playing No Man's Sky's Big Update - Kotaku

This also works differently than before the update. Now your analysis visor doesn't just scan nearby flora, fauna and minerals, it also tells you about nearby buildings, cargo drops, and resources. If you look through your visor you can move your ...
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Mastigophora: Flagellates that Move with a Whip

Boca Raton - United States

Illustrations and information on about ten of these protists which include Chlamydomonas, Volvox and Euglena.

Protist Images: Mastigophora

Provides a classification of these flagellates with images of a number of individual species. English and Japanese.

United States

Information about Plecia nearctica, commonly called "love bugs", which emerge en mass and form large swarms. Photos, video, poetry, and links.

Sarcodina: Move with pseudopodia
United States

Illustrations and information on several species including amoeba, with microscopic images of many of them.

North Texas Whip
United States

Nonprofit club promoting all aspects of carriage driving.

Whip-poor-will (Caprimulgus vociferus)
United States

Photo, range maps, and facts about this bird's diet, habitat, and physical characteristics.

Whip-poor-will (Caprimulgus vociferus)
United States

Describes this bird's feeding habits, nesting, habitat, and physical appearance. Includes an illustration.

Ciliophora: Protozoans that Move with Cilia
United States

Illustrations and information on about twenty species of ciliate, with microscopic images of many of them.

Whip Spider: Argyrodes flagellum

Fact sheet on habits, with description, distribution, role in the habitat, status in Singapore, threats, photos and links.

World on the Move: Great Animal Migrations
United Kingdom

BBC's Natural History Unit gathers information from correspondents, scientists and amateur naturalists to monitor migrating mammals, birds and insects as they travel.