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The Meme Museum has its debut - UConn Daily Campus

UConn Daily Campus
Lin and DelaCruz discussed how while the idea had just started between the two of them, but friends were really willing to help out, like sixth semester physiology and neurobiology student Omar Taweh who helped them reach up to 50,000 people with ...

Anatomy of a non-news story: man who was on moon saw aliens, or not - WikiTribune

Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, saw a something alien on the way up there. That's a meme that has been circulating on the internet (and before the internet) like a piece of space junk — or in this case news junk. That same story re-entered ...


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Software toolkit for building and using motif-based hidden Markov models of DNA and proteins - from the Univ. of California-San Diego.

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Defines the term and explains the theory. From, a blog and forum devoted to memes, memetics, emergence theory and conspiracy.

Meme Central
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FAQ, links, and a bookstore. (By Richard Brodie, author of the popular book on memetics, "Virus of the Mind".)

The Art of Memetics: Memes, Meme Theory, Memetic Marketing
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Book of this name by Wes Unruh and Edward Wilson, about how ideas grow might and power, and spread as if by magic. Read online, or purchase the hard or softback version.