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Flying ecology survey shows power of tech to assist clients - Construction News

Construction News
While in the past they may have been used for fairly basic site monitoring or photography, technological advances are making drone surveying techniques more sophisticated. One such example can be seen in the field of ecology, a less well-publicised ...

South Cottesloe Community Biodiversity Survey - Particle

Join scientists from the UWA School of Biological Sciences, members of Cottesloe Coast Care Association, Birdlife WA and artist Angela Rossen to take a closer look at the amazing plants and animals that live along our coast! There will be a field ...

Union County seeks volunteer scientists for survey of flora and fauna in parks -
The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders has once again put out the call for volunteer scientists and knowledgeable experts to join the Union County Bio-Blitz, an annual 'round the clock survey of flora and fauna in County parks. The 2017 Union ...

Michigan Lepidoptera Survey

East Lansing - United States

Projects, checklists of species, and photographs of butterflies and moths of Michigan.

Michigan Odonata Survey
United States

A volunteer effort to document and catalog the Odonata that occur in the state of Michigan. Includes checklists for Michigan, a key to larvae, and a key to Michigan Sympetrum (meadowhawks), bibliographies, and photographs.

Lepidoptera Resources
United States

Lists of butterfly and moth books and stamps; links.

United States

Photographs and information about almost all of the common species of butterflies in Georgia, USA with some photos of butterflies and moths from around the world.

Order Lepidoptera
United States

Taxonomy and species accounts of moths and butterflies from the Animal Diversity Web.

Russian Lepidoptera
United States

Information on hundreds of species of butterflies occurring in the former USSR, including type locality, synonyms, range, distribution and variation, taxonomic notes, habitat and biology, similar species, and photos of museum specimens.


Sightings, distribution, migration, projects, and red lists.

Georgia Lepidoptera
United States

Photographs and species lists of the moths and butterflies of Georgia and the southeastern United States. Includes helpful hints for beginners, references, and links.

Lepidoptera Photography

About 90 species of butterfly photographed in Norway in their natural settings.

Lepidoptera Listserver
United States

Service for facilitating communication among those sharing an interest in the species. Based at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Aqua Survey
United States

US based laboratory testing, field sampling and consulting services. Provides services in effluent bioassays, dredged sediment evaluations, toxicity identification, hydrographic surveys, ecological studies and assessment.