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Better predicting mountains' flora and fauna in a changing world - Phys.Org

Accurately modeling bamboo in remote mountains of southwest China is critical to understanding -- and predicting -- habitat for giant pandas and other wildlife species. Credit: Sue Nichols, Michigan State University. Climbing a mountain is challenging ...

Vet research encompasses wide range of studies - N.C. State University Technician Online

N.C. State University Technician Online
With studies ranging from infectious diseases to neurobiology, the NC State's veterinary school research program engages all students in studies that affect both human and animal health. The research program, which has been a part of veterinary school ...

ASU biochemistry senior spreads love of science and research - Arizona State University

Arizona State University
Editor's note: This profile is part of a series showcasing students in the School of Molecular Sciences. Jacob Jordan is a senior majoring in biochemistry and is the current president of ASU's branch of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical ...

Michigan State University (MSU) Astrobiology

East Lansing - United States

Center for genomic and evolutionary studies on microbial life at low temperatures and member of NASA's Astrobiology Institute.

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    Astrobiology - NASA Astrobiology Institute

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    MSU Astrobiology
    MSU Astrobiology Project, Center for Genomics and Evolutionary Studies on Microbial Life at Low Temperatures - member of NASA's Astrobiology Institute

Michigan State University
United States

A general description of the Department of Plant Biology, information about graduate and undergraduate botany programs, and a faculty listing.

Michigan State University
United States

Michigan State University
United States
Astrobiology at Arizona State University
United States

The Astrobiology Team at ASU follows the elements to help guide the exploration for life beyond Earth, in our Solar System and on planets orbiting other stars. We are one of fourteen teams that make up the NASA Astrobiology Institute, supported by a five year grant that began in 2009.

Michigan State University Herbarium
United States

Descriptions of the over 530,000 specimens, hours, and loan/exchange policies. Located in East Lansing.

Astrobiology Program at Arizona State University
United States

Member of NASA's Astrobiology Institute, it includes faculty researchers and students at all levels from the departments of geological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, biology, and microbiology and plant biology.

Michigan State University Department of Zoology
United States

Listing of graduate, undergraduate and interdisciplinary programs.

Neuroscience Program at Michigan State University
United States

Focusing on autonomic nervous system, neural plasticity, synaptic transmission, signal transduction and other aspects of neuroscience.

United States

Research focus, jobs, graduate programs in cell, molecular and structural aspects, and faculty facilities at East Lansing.

Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratories, Michigan State University
United States

Research of the musculoskeletal system of humans and animals. Includes facilities overview, personnel, research opportunities, publications list, and related links.