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Applying quantitative microscopy to live cells -
Quantitative microscopy enables cellular biology by providing direct, real time quantitative measurement of cell processes through both image processing and analysis. If one considers a traditional microscope being a device with only qualitative ...

Predation on pollinating insects shaped the evolution of the orchid mantis - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
"Bringing together ecological research with an evolutionary analysis enabled us to explain how such a remarkable, flower masquerading lineage of praying mantis could evolve," said co-author Sydney Brannoch. Co-authors Rodrigues and Brannoch are both ...

United States Molecular Biology Reagents Market Competition Analysis by Type, Region Forecast 2021 - Medgadget (blog)

Medgadget (blog)
NS The United States Molecular Biology Reagents Market research study report is a respected source of information which offers a telescopic view of the current market status. Various key factors are discussed in the report, which will help the buyer in ...

Molecular Biology Kits Market Overview, Raw materials and Equipment, Shipment, Industry Growth Analysis: 2021 - Medgadget (blog)

Medgadget (blog)
Absolute-Market-Research-Reports73 Molecular Biology Kits Market Research Report provide analysis of main manufactures and geographic regions. The Molecular Biology Kits Market report includes Molecular Biology Kits definitions, classifications, ...

Global Biochemistry Analyser Market: to Record an Impressive ... - Medgadget (blog)

Medgadget (blog)
Biochemistry Analyzer as the name suggests is used in the field of biochemistry for the purpose of quantitative or qualitative analysis of chemicals presen.

Yale-NUS professor's discovery of alarm response in medaka fish furthers analysis of fear - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
Dr Mathuru teaches Scientific Inquiry, and Neurobiology and Behaviour at Yale-NUS College. He also holds a joint appointment as Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) of the Agency for Science, Technology and ...

Safety first: Leopard spotted at Delhi's biodiversity park to be shifted ... - India Today

India Today
To ensure the safety of Delhis lone leopard, which was spotted at the Yamuna biodiversity park this week, the state government may shift the big cat to the Delhi ...
Daily News & Analysis

Microarray Analysis

United States

Offer software and online services for DNA, RNA, antibody microarray and single cell image analysis, application development, system evaluation, customization ...

BioDiscovery, Inc.
United States

Offers microarray bioinformatics software and services.

Agilent Printed Microarray
United States

Microarrays, scanner reagent kits and accessories for in situ oligo microarray technology from Palo Alto, CA.


Australasian microarray & Associated Technologies Association (AMATA), since 2003, AMATA has brought together leaders in the industry to participate in ...

United States

microarray image analysis package which automatically grids spots, flags bad features, and plots analysis results. Includes download and support from ...

Australasian Microarray and Associated Technologies Association
United States

AMATA aims to assist in the introduction and implementation of new microarray technologies into Australasia. Provides information on the annual ...

B-Tech Consulting, Ltd.
United States

Bioinformatics company specializing in analytical services and contract research for academic and industrial institutions. Provides details of services offered and ...

United Kingdom

Image analysis software solutions for neuroscience, biology and other life sciences.

Geospiza, Inc.
United States

Geospiza's bioinformatics software helps service, research, and clinical laboratories manage and analyze data from genomics, DNA sequencing, genotyping and proteomics.

Premier Biosoft International
United States

Developers of software for real time PCR primer design, TaqMan, molecular beacons, DNA microarray analysis, drawing restriction plasmid maps, gateway ...

ArrayExplorer: Free Web-Server For Online Microarray

ArrayExplorer compares an expanded selection of arrays (Antibody microarray, Gene microarray, Exon microarray, miRNA microarray, aCGH, SNP microarray and Tiling ...

Korea South

Manufacturer focused on developing automated DNA sequencing, as in fragment analysis for anticancer drug screening. Outlines collaborative projects, details of ...

Ariadne Genomics Inc.
United States

Software for biological pathways visualization and analysis, functional interpretation of genetic information.

Microarray Database Gateway
United States

Tools for managing, accessing, and analyzing cDNA microarray data generated by the NCI Div. of Clinical Sciences µArray Center - ...

MB DNA Analysis

Program for statistical analysis and evaluation of the biological significance from microarray data. Includes key features, registration and download for ...

The Bioinformatics Group at the Paterson Institute, Manchester, UK
United Kingdom

A research group focusing on the analysis of high throughput bioinformatics data. Producers of bioconductor packages and databases for microarray ...

STATSARRAY - Antibody Array Analysis

Facing large magnitude of array data, optimal statistical analysis is required in order to produce high quality data. STATSARRAY provides ...

PSS Bio Instruments
United States

Supplies a fully integrated and automated system for sene analysis from sample extraction/purification, PCR clean-up, amplification and hybridization to detection/analysis ...


Provides microarray and gene expression data analysis.

BioMath Solutions, LLC
United States

A consulting company specializing in data analysis of high throughput molecular technologies, experimental design, biomarker prediction, and software and product ...

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