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"Design Features" Enters Cell Biology Vocabulary - Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute
Professor Craig McArdle said: "The work revealed 'design-features' of the system that make perfect sense in light of the biology, where GnRH receptor number and GnRH pulse interval vary, for example, through puberty and through the menstrual cycle.

Cigarette smoke reduced vitamin D3 levels - Healio

... subjects,” Jennifer K. Mulligan, PhD, of the departments of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, pediatrics, and microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina and the Ralph H. Johnson Medical Center, and colleagues wrote.

Four New Species of Carnivorous Sponges Discovered in Pacific Ocean -
Marine biologists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and three Canadian research organizations have described four new species of carnivorous sponges: Asbestopluma monticola, Asbestopluma rickettsi, Cladorhiza caillieti and ...
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The overlooked part of exercise — recovery - Boston Globe

Boston Globe
Lisa Colvin, an exercise physiologist and director of the Human Performance Lab at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, coaches athletes to instead jog for 10 minutes, followed by five minutes of walking and then “dynamic” drills – holding on to a ...

UT Southwestern Cancer Biologists Link Tumor Suppressor Gene to Stem Cells - Newswise (press release)

Newswise (press release)
In trying to unravel the mystery, Dr. John Abrams, Professor of Cell Biology at UT Southwestern, and his team made a crucial new discovery – tying the p53 gene to stem cells. Specifically, his lab found that when cellular damage is present, the gene is ...

Construction continues on $30 million GGC health and science building -
The three-story, 91,000-square-foot structure which is scheduled to be completed on June 2, will provide physics laboratories, biology labs, chemistry labs, anatomy labs, physiology labs, an psychology lab, an exercise science lab, IT systems and ...

People News: United Way awards top volunteers - Lansing State Journal

Lansing State Journal
There were five teams of spellers with each team member assigned to a word category (microbiology, pharmacology, anatomy, etc). If a word was answered correctly, the team received a point. After two rounds, the team with the most points won. The ...

Microbiology Lab Design


microbiology The Complete Guide. microbiology is a field of biology that deals with minute, invisible living organisms. The principle objective ...

Nelson Laboratories
United States

Provider of life-cycle microbiology testing services to manufacturers in the medical device, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Napier University: Environmental Microbiology
United Kingdom

Research is focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of biodegradation of environmental contaminants, bioremediation strategies and the design and ...

Virtual Microbiology Classroom
United States

Resources used to support an actual college-level microbiology course including PowerPoint lecture, lab presentations, study guides, review questions and practice ...


Manufacturer of dehydrated culture media for microbiology and molecular biology and a wide range of ready to use culture media, ...

Validation Labs Inc.
United States

Validation Labs Inc. provides cost effective and rapid microbiology Laboratory Services Chemical Testing Services, and Contract laboratory Services for Pharmaceutical, ...

Microbiology Books
United Kingdom

Our high level microbiology books bring together expert international authors under the skilled editorship of leading scientists to produce state-of-the-art ...

Microbiology Online
United States

Blog with breaking news about microbiology and tutorials in industrial microbiology, targeted to pharmaceutical microbiology labs.

Ellington Lab
United States

Use bioinformatics, modeling, and rational design to study evolutionary processes.

Lab Protocols, Methods & Techniques

lab Protocols, Methods & Techniques : Cell Biology Protocols, Cell/ Tissue Culture Protocols, Flow Cytometry Protocols,Genetics & Genomics Protocols,Immunology Protocols,microbiology ...

USGS Microbiology
United States

U.S. Geological Survey microbiology efforts span the disciplines and cover many broad research areas, including fish and wildlife health and ...

Mohs Histology Consulting Services
United States

Mohs Histology Consulting Services & Mohs lab Staffing. National Society for Histotechnology Accredited technician training. We are a national company ...

United States

Research is focused on the design of new binding sites using a physics-based model of protein energetics.

Toxic Mold Lab
United States

Environmental microbiology laboratory offering do-it-yourself mold testing products and kits for the home or office.

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory
United States

Offers indoor testing for contaminants in air and surface samples. Specialization includes the identification and analysis of mold, fungi, bacteria, ...

UAB Department of Microbiology
United States

The faculty of the Department of microbiology carry out multi-disciplinary research programs in microbial genetics, pathogenesis, immunology, and virology. The ...

Society for Industrial Microbiology
United States

The Society for Industrial microbiology (SIM) is a nonprofit, international association dedicated to the advancement of microbiological sciences, especially as ...

BioMicroWorld 2009

III International Conference on environmental, industrial and applied microbiology to be held at Lisbon, Portugal from 2 to 4 December, ...

Society for General Microbiology (SGM)
United Kingdom

The Society for General microbiology (SGM) is a membership organization for scientists who work in all areas of microbiology. It ...

Synthetic Biology
United States

We are a group of individuals, groups and labs from various institutions who are committed to engineering biology in an ...

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