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Finding God By Surprise? From astronomers to archeologists; from historians to atheists, people sometimes discover ... - Digital Journal

Digital Journal
They needed to teach pharmacology, but when they asked Ellen White, she said “No” twice. On the third trip to see her, she would not discuss it, and on their return, they decided she didn't say no. Loma Linda was purchased with her $5000 check mailed ...

'Grey's Anatomy: B-Team' review: Great, but far too short - Hypable

ABC's new digital series Grey's Anatomy: B-Team is fun and entertaining, but its short episodes are a big flaw. You may or may not know that ABC released a six-episode digital series titled Grey's Anatomy: B-Team on January 11. The network announced ...

How West Elm syncs the in-store and digital experience - NRF News (press release) (blog)

NRF News (press release) (blog)
Since switching from molecular biology to a career in retail, Luke Chatelain hasn't looked back. As West Elm's Vice President of Innovation, Chatelain uses the same scientific principles in his work with retail technology to bring customers unique and ...

Microscopes & Digital Microscopy: Leica Biosystems

Wetzlar - Germany

Don't overlook critical detail due to let poor optics or fatigue. Leica's traditional and digital microscopy solutions focus on the user. So you can expect detail-enhancing clarity from exceptional optics and all-day comfort from advanced ergonomics. It's how Leica's microscopy experience helps you see all the critical details that build into a precise and accurate diagnosis.

United States

Specialised systems including Auto-Montage (increased depth of field software), Montage Explorer (for ultra high resolution), AcQuis Bio (for image documentation and acquisition), cameras, automatic stages, and imaging application development tools.

Microscopy/Microscopy Education (MME)
United States

Microscopy/Microscopy Education (MME) was founded in 1981 to provide customized, on-site microscopy courses. The first courses were offered in light microscopy and interferometry. Subsequently, the consortium has grown to include experts in nearly all areas of microscopy and related imaging. From conventional fluorescence and polarized light to electron microscopy and its related analytical techniques (EDS, WDX) to the most progressive atomic f

Types of Microscopes
United States

Videos and images of microorganisms and information about different types of microscopes.

Brunel Microscopes Ltd
United Kingdom

UK supplier of microscopes and accessories. Products include prepared slides, books and investigation kits.

Narang Microscopes
United States

Advanced and student Microscopes for medical and university research or applications.

United States

A retail scientific supply company that carries a complete line of Swift microscopes.

Fluorescence Microscopes
United Kingdom

The Olympus CX41 provides images of outstanding brightness and clarity in a variety of observation modes. As well as Olympus' renowned UIS2 infinity optics system it employs the PLCN series of Plan Achromat objectives, which are made from carefully selected top quality glass and are manufactured with the most rigorous precision. The result is a major improvement image flatness, with the 10x and 40x objectives in particular providing images that a

Optika Microscopes, Italy

Optika Microscopes, with its almost 40 years experience in the field of scientific instrumentation, is worldwide known as a leading Company for optical microscopes production and distribution.

Nikon Upright Biological Microscopes
United States

All Nikon upright microscopes are powered by acclaimed optics that deliver superb images over the entire magnification range. The universal microscope objectives for multi-mode imaging applications, digital capabilities, high N.A.'s and long working distances all combine to assist you in carrying out faster, smoother observation sessions no matter what the application.

Meiji Techno Biological Microscopes
United States

Meiji Techno currently offers eight different series of upright compound biological (transmitted light) microscopes to meet the needs of hobbyists and elementary school teachers to university professors and life science professionals.