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Grey's Anatomy season 15: Cast, release date, spoilers and everything you need to know -
Warning: This article contains spoilers for Grey's Anatomy season 14. Grey's Anatomy was renewed for a record-breaking season 15 in April 2018, making it the longest-running primetime drama in ABC's history. The renewal was no surprise given that it ...
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Warning Issued to Parents: Protect Your Child's Brain and Teeth from this Dangerous Chemical Exposure - Longview News-Journal

Longview News-Journal
International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) is. unifying two events in May, Mother's Day (May 13) and Fluoride. Awareness Week (May 20-27), to issue a warning to parents about a. health risk that is often overlooked. More specifically ...

Lake Victoria biodiversity being 'decimated' - conservationists - News24

Three quarters of freshwater species endemic to East Africa's Lake Victoria basin face the threat of extinction, conservationists said, warning the biodiversity there was being "decimated". A fresh report backed by the International Union for ...

Mimicry & Warning Colour

Bloomsbury - United Kingdom

Provides photographs and papers illustrating the adaptations of camouflage, mimicry, and warning colors.

Warning Colour and Mimicry
United Kingdom

Mimicry is a great example of evolution by natural selection. Outline of a lecture on the subject from the Evolutionary Genetics course at University College, London.

Audubon WatchList 2002: An Early Warning System for Bird Conservation
United States

Designed to highlight bird species in the U.S. that have the greatest conservation needs.

Marine Bryozoans in Colour.
United States

Photographic study by Jean-Marie Cavanihac of this fascinating marine group.

Genetics of Coat Colour Inheritance
New Zealand

Illustrated online color predictor for black, red and pointed series.


An international group of physiologists, psychologists, physicists, geneticists, optometrists, ophthalmologists and others who have a research interest in the many aspects of colour vision and colour vision deficiencies.

Genetics of Colour in the Budgerigar and Other Parrots
United States

Offers information on the genetics of colour, biology, and taxonomy of the budgerigar and other parrots.

Loggerhead Shrike Colour Banding Study

Information about a population survey of Lanius ludovicianus migrans, which is endangered in Ontario, Canada.

The Evolution of Imperfect Mimicry in Hoverflies
United Kingdom

Article by Francis Gilbert describing Batesian mimicry and discussing the extent to which hoverflies succeed in mimicing bees, wasps and bumblebees. [PDF]

Batesian Mimicry in Papilio memnon
United Kingdom

Photographs showing how this species mimics unpalatable swallowtail species.

Arts of Deception: Mimicry and Camouflage
United States

Offers an introduction to the three forms of mimicry utilized by both predator and prey: Batesian mimicry, Muellerian mimicry, and self mimicry.