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I was taken aback when I read about your so-called “all star” cast saying Ecology has run amok (The Daily News, Feb. 7). Try telling that to the people of Missouri (Atomic Homefront). The EPA and politicians there gave into big money over people ...

Aerospace Physiology and Human Performance Update Course to be provided at Heli-Expo 2018 -
A vital, one of a kind lifesaving course on flight physiology for helicopter operators to be offered again at this year's Heli-Expo in Las Vegas Nevada. The course, taught by one of the industry's leading subject matter experts, Dr. Dudley Crosson ...
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Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures

Austin - United States

Coalition supporting stem cell research and cures in Missouri.


Educates the public about the link between the human papillomavirus and cervical cancer, and shares information about the availability of the HPV vaccine in Missouri.

Feral Cat Coalition
United States

Information related to spay, neuter, release programs for feral cats. Also general info of interest to those dealing with cats.

Wolf Dog Coalition
United States

Working towards rabies vaccine approval for Wolves and Wolf Dog crosses.

Prairie Dog Coalition
United States

Dedicated to the protection of prairie dogs and restoration of prairie dog ecosystems.

Animal Rescue Coalition
United States

Provides temporary assistance to animals in need through food, shelter, and veterinary assistance, and finds them new homes.

Endangered Species Coalition
United States

Supports stronger protections for the nation's imperiled wildlife. Includes action alerts, policy updates, legislative news, and activist resources.

Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences
United States

Includes biology frameworks, educational links, essays, and membership information.

Coalition for Education in the Life Sciences
United States

A national coalition of professional societies in the life sciences, CELS aims to improve undergraduate education in biology in the United States.

Coalition to End Primate Experimentation
United States

Aims to end animal research involving monkeys and apes. Focus on the NIH federally-funded Regional Primate Research Centers.

Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
United States

Dedicated to the humane reduction of feral cat populations through spaying and neutering clinics.