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The role of 'extra' DNA in cancer evolution and therapy resistance ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Researchers tracked genomic alterations detected in patient samples during tumor cell evolution in culture, in patient-derived xenograft (PDX) mouse models from the cultures, as well as before and after treatment in patients. The team reports that ...

A Passion for Academics: UVI Research Day Puts Student Work on Display - St. John Source (press release)

St. John Source (press release)
Undergraduate math major Harmonie Hanley combined her knowledge of mathematical models with marine biology to study the spread of bleaching events in a presentation called “The White Plague: A Glimpse into the Future.” “A cellular automaton is an ...

Dennis M. Fisher, MD, a Highly Regarded Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics Expert, Joins NDA Partners - PR Web (press release)

PR Web (press release)
“Dr. Fisher's expertise in clinical pharmacology, pharmacodynamic models, and pharmacometric analysis makes him an excellent resource for our clients in the preclinical and clinical drug development phases,” said Dr. Carl Peck. “We are very pleased to ...

Parallel evolution of Batesian mimicry supergene in two Papilio ... - Science Advances

Science Advances
Batesian mimicry protects animals from predators when mimics resemble distasteful models. The female-limited Batesian mimicry in Papilio butterflies is controlled by a supergene locus switching mimetic and nonmimetic forms. In Papilio polytes, recent ...

2018 BMW X2 Review: With This Crossover, the Evolution Of the SUV Is Complete - The Drive

The Drive
But like human development, the evolution of the sport-utility vehicle is more complex than that simple line would have us think. For more than 20 years, beginning with models like the 1996 Toyota RAV4, SUVs and cars have interbred and proliferated ...

Study explains Neanderthal's uniquely shaped face -
Models suggest the Neanderthal's large nose and wide naval passage allowed the early humans to carry large amounts of oxygen in and out of their lungs. "In this respect, Neanderthal breathing was almost twice as effective as it is in we modern humans ...

Cancer symposium aims to unify Cornell researchers - Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Chronicle
These generally fall under five key areas: animal models, cancer cell biology, physical sciences and engineering, drug development and chemical biology, and community engagement between young researchers and cancer patients. Key people from Weill ...


Human Anatomy Models Manufacturers

We are leading Human Anatomy models Manufacturers & Exporters from India. Kotech Export provides Human Anatomy models for Schools labs ...

United States

Eleven respiratory simulations are available for download as freeware, including mechanics models, general gas exchange models, Va/Q relationships models, and ...

TD Model and Scientific Company
United States

Indian manufacturer and exporter of a range of products including scientific instruments, biological models, anatomical models, anatomical charts and laboratory ...

Theoretical Biology at Utrecht University, Netherlands

Formal models in ecology, spatial pattern formation, (molecular) evolution, immunology, and ethology. Formalisms range from mathematical models, cellular automata, genetic ...

Vidya Techno Art

"Vidya Techno Art" makes Pharmaceuticals Promotional Sales & Custom models, Doctor models, Patient education and training models. Gifting. Since 2005 ...

Anatomical Models
United States

Here you will see realistic plastic human Anatomical and Anatomy models of the; Brain,Eyes,Throat,Larynx,Ears,Neck, Spine, Skeleton,Thorax,Chest,Abdomen, Hand,Wrist,Elbow,Shoulder,Hip,Knee,Ankle,Foot,Leg,Arm,Heart,Lungs,Liver, Pancreas,Kidneys,Adrenals,Bladder,Reproductive organs,Male,Female,Muscles, Joints,Nerves,Spine,Skull and ...

The Jackson Laboratory
United States

Suppliers of mouse models in the quantities needed to support biomedical research.

Animal Models Core Facility
United States

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Facility makes animal models of human disease for medical researchers by creating ...

United States

Searchable database for animal models of cancer.

Worldwide Primates, Inc.
United States

A supplier of premium quality non-human primate models to research, government, and university level facilities.

United States

At the Harvard Skin Disease Research Center. Mainly provides services for the generation of mouse skin disease models.

Nessler Exports (India)
United States

Manufacturer of anatomical models, laboratory instruments and equipment located in Ambala Cantt, India. Provides product support and contact information.

BioModels Database
United Kingdom

Resource for storing, searching and retrieving published mathematical models of biological interests. models present in BioModels Database are annotated and ...

Principles of Psychobiology
United States

Interactive software study guide in psychobiology and neuroscience - for purchase from Red Reef Publications.

Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium
United States

The Consortium's purpose is to promote mouse models for human genetic diseases and as subjects for the study of gene ...

Peter Dayan
United Kingdom

Builds mathematical and computational models of neural processing, with a particular emphasis on representation and learning. The main focus is ...

Applied StemCell Inc. (ASC)
United States

Applied StemCell Inc. (ASC) is a fast growing biotechnology company providing animal and cell line models as tools for drug ...

Sigma Advanced Genetic Engineering Labs
United States

SAGE Labs is a provider of next-generation research rodent models, including knockout rat models. Extensive support services offered.

Hooke Laboratories, Inc.
United States

Offers products to induce EAE and CIA in rodents, and contract research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with ...

Forest Ecosystem Dynamics
United States

Research on modeling and monitoring ecosystem processes and patterns in response to natural and anthropogenic effects.

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