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Century-old botany records may hold key to monarch butterfly survival - Phys.Org

An adult monarch butterfly rests on blooming milkweed. Jack Boyle, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow of Environmental Science and Policy at William & Mary, has been using the web to mine millions of century-old botany records to track abundance …more ...

Smart, Asean biodiversity center pilot app-based monitoring system - Business Mirror

Business Mirror
An application is now available that could be used in monitoring and recording biodiversity information. Uploaded in smartphones, it is aimed that the data gathered would help improve analysis of ecological information. PLDT wireless unit Smart ...

Moving towards clinical applications of genomics (The TrainMALTA project) - Open Access Government

Open Access Government
HTS has changed the way genetics and molecular biology research is carried out. In the very near future, HTS will also find widespread application in the clinical diagnostics of Mendelian disorders, greatly improving on the 20% diagnostic sensitivity ...

Monarch Monitoring Project

Concord - United States

Results of weekly road censuses of Danaus plexippus, conducted every fall in Cape May, New Jersey, USA.

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Nocturnal Owl Monitoring Project

Information and photos from the Nocturnal Owl Monitoring Project.

Monarch Lab
United States

Research projects and information about the monarch butterfly and its yearly migration.

United States

Article discussing the spectacular flight of millions of individual butterflies to the wintering grounds of their ancestors.

Monarch Watch
United States

Dedicated to the study of the monarch butterfly and its yearly migration.

Monarch Watch
United States

Seeks to involve thousands of students and adults in a cooperative study of the monarch butterfly's fall migration.

United States

Project by David Munro on Dannaus plexippus, including its description, habitat, evolution and distribution.

VCS Monarch Observations
United States

Archive of reports made by students at Victoria Christian School in Texas. Includes photographs of monarchs and monarch larvae.

United States

Information on this migratory butterfly, its description, life history, distribution and threats.

Animal Facts: The Monarch Butterfly

Pictures, facts, and puzzles for the butterfly known as danaus plexippus.

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation
United States

Works to provide financial and scientific support for preserving the natural balance and diversity of the Oyamel fir forests in Mexico that are the overwintering ground for Eastern North American monarch butterflies.