Moss Bioreactor

Freiburg - Germany

Information on the use of Physcomitrella patens in bioreactors to produce human proteins.

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    Flora and Fauna - Plantae

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    greenovation Biotech GmbH
    greenovation Biotech GmbH - production of pharmaceutically highly-efficient glycoproteins

United States

Description of rotating wall vessel, to encourage multiple-cell-thick culture, for studies simulating weightless conditions aboard Space Shuttle, Mir, and International Space Station at NASA, MSFC, Huntsville, AL.

Solution Bioforce (Malaysia) - A Bioreactor & Fermentor Solutions Provider

SOLUTION BIOFORCE SDN BHD is a Malaysia based bioreactor / fermentor manufacturer. We produce reliable and affordable laboratory, pilot as well as production scale bioreactor / fermentor systems suitable for R&D, market feasibility studies and production use. Our products and services: 1. Laboratory Fermentor & Bioreactor Systems 2. Pilot Scale Fermentor / Bioreactor Systems 3. Bioprocessing Equipments / Pilot Plants 4. Design & Fabricati

Cynthia F. Moss
United States

Advancing our understanding of how sensory information is processed, organized, and integrated with motor programs, with a focus on bat auditory processing.

Moss Gardening
United States

Entodon Moss
United States

A photographic image of Entodon macropodus.

Tardigrades - Bears of the Moss
United States

An article from the Kansas School Naturalist features information about the habitat, anatomy, physiology, and special adaptations to extreme weather. Also, describes how to collect and study samples. Includes photos and diagrams.

Tortula muralis: My First Moss
United States

Photographic study by Derek Christie of this species, with many interesting photomicrographs.

United States

Photographic image of a coconut palm covered with mosses from this family.

Serrate Ephemerum Moss
United States

Several photographic images of Ephemerum serratum.

Ciliate Hedwigia Moss
United States

Two photographic images of Hedwigia ciliate.