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Naperville man adds electronic bikes to his kayak business - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
Starting May 26, folks can catch the flora and fauna along the miles of local trails via electronic bikes. Known as e-bikes, the bicycles have a battery-powered motor that intuitively gives riders a boost when they need it so that climbing a hill the ...

The Striatum Builds Behavioral Sequences From Sub-second Components - ReliaWire

The brain relies on an exquisite balance between the activity of two populations of neurons in a part of the brain called the striatum, the hub for motor and action planning, suggests a new study led by scientists from Harvard Medical School. The ...

You've Never Seen National Parks Looking Like This Before - Forbes

Boat journeys motor out daily deep into Milford Sound taking visitors on a journey back through time where indigenous flora and fauna have evolved completely unique to here. Any visit should culminate with the view of Mitre Peak, the towering natural ...

Mucking about with myosin motor mutants

Tucson - United States

Dissecting the machine that drives muscle contraction. Approach: making mutants, studying their properties, finding second mutants that restore function to defective motors.

Mucking About With Myosin Motor Mutants
United States

Investigations of the molecular machine that drives muscle contraction, cell division, and a variety of other processes in non-bacterial cells.

MRC Myosin Home Page
United Kingdom

Resources devoted to myosin and muscle biology (MRC-LMB, Cambridge).

Laboratory for Speech Physiology and Motor Control
United States

Research into the neurobiology of speech production and speech disorders (in particular stuttering), at the University of Wahington.

Motor Control Lab at McGill University

Goal of our work is to understand the neural control of orofacial and multi-joint limb movement through a combination of empirical and modeling studies.