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With Smartphone Battle Lost, Japan Now Trails on Connected Cars ... - Bloomberg

In the race to build cars with digitally connected services -- such as ordering coffee on the dashboard display -- Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. risk being held back by their home market. In contrast to vehicle buyers in the U.S. and Europe ...

Study reveals the inner workings of a molecular motor that packs and unpacks DNA - Phys.Org

In molecular terms, functional remodelers are often very large complexes comprising many different protein components, whose coordinated action makes them akin to molecular machines. These features also make it very difficult to determine their ...

PLOS Biology in the media – March - PLoS Blogs (blog)

PLoS Blogs (blog)
March has been a bumper month at PLOS Biology with lots of research hitting the press. A selection of our top picks this month include papers on flying reptiles, electric fish, e-cigarette toxicity, obesity and taste, and the role of the ear in motor ...

Mucking About With Myosin Motor Mutants

Tucson - United States

Investigations of the molecular machine that drives muscle contraction, cell division, and a variety of other processes in non-bacterial cells.

Mucking about with myosin motor mutants
United States

Dissecting the machine that drives muscle contraction. Approach: making mutants, studying their properties, finding second mutants that restore function to defective motors.

MRC Myosin Home Page
United Kingdom

Resources devoted to myosin and muscle biology (MRC-LMB, Cambridge).

Laboratory for Speech Physiology and Motor Control
United States

Research into the neurobiology of speech production and speech disorders (in particular stuttering), at the University of Wahington.

Motor Control Lab at McGill University

Goal of our work is to understand the neural control of orofacial and multi-joint limb movement through a combination of empirical and modeling studies.