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Researchers track down 'forged' superfoods - Science Daily

Science Daily
If the rapidly changing superfood trends lead to a sudden increase in demand, these often cannot be met by existing capacities, the professor for molecular cell biology says. The result is a booming trade in counterfeits. "The caterpillar fungus is ...

Skin bacteria may predict vulnerability of amphibians to killer chytrid fungus - Phys.Org

Lead author Kieran Bates, from Imperial College London and ZSL's Institute of Zoology, said: "We were surprised to find that populations of midwife toads suffering severe Bd-driven declines all possessed very similar skin microbial communities, which ...

Mushroom and Fungus Photography

Berkeley - United States

Photographs of over 200 mushroom and fungus species from California and Florida.

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    Rattlebox Photography :: Mycology

Lepidoptera Photography

About 90 species of butterfly photographed in Norway in their natural settings.

Digital Photography for the Field Mycologist
United States

Article by Paul F Hamlyn on identifying fungi, making spore prints and examining spores under the microscope, with photographic images.

Liquid Film Coral Reef Photography
United States

Dan Exton is a marine biologist and underwater photographer focusing on images of coral reef ecosystems. Site contains samples of his photography and his contact details.

United States

Underwater and Travel photography by Matt McGee featuring sharks, fish, cephalopods and invertebrates.

David Element's Wildlife Photography: Red Foxes
United Kingdom

Several excellent photographs of these mammals and a description of their breeding strategy and habits in urban areas.

Mushroom Poisoning
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the deleterious effects from ingestion of toxic substances present in certain fungi.

Mushroom Poisoning

A personal account of the result of failing to properly identify a fungus before eating it.

Mushroom and Toadstool Toxicology
United Kingdom

Article outlining the poisonous aspects of fungi including information on Amanita, Cortinarius and other mushroom toxicities.

United States

Article by Paul Stamets on his experiences with Komboucha, a symbiotic community of yeasts and bacteria, and its supposed medicinal effects.

Orson and Hope Miller's Mushroom
United States

Images of edible, interesting and poisonous mushrooms. Contains recipes and publications list.