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The spiritual ecology of the Lord's Prayer - National Catholic Reporter (blog)

National Catholic Reporter (blog)
Many of us have memorized the Lord's Prayer. Some of us call it the "Our Father." It is part of Jesus' long Sermon on the Mount and is taught by him as the way to pray. For me, spiritual ecology refers to the way something connects to its environment ...

Students Present Thesis Work at Biophysical Society Meeting - Wesleyan Connection (blog)

Wesleyan Connection (blog)
Molecular biology and biochemistry graduate student Sudipta Lahiri presented on the “Elucidation of the Structure-Function Relationship of S. cerevisiae MutS Homolog Msh4 and Msh5 with the Holliday Junction.” Lahiri's advisor is Ishita Mukerji, the ...

Discover flora, fauna of Newfoundland - Peterborough Examiner

Peterborough Examiner
LAKEFIELD - The Lakefield and District Horticultural Society presents Brenda Ibey with The Flora and Fauna of Newfoundland on Feb. 14 at 7:30 p.m.. Is Newfoundland on your list of places to go? It's an awe inspiring province filled with rugged beauty ...

National Audubon Society

New York - United States

Protecting birds and their habitat through conservation and monitoring, both at home and through a national network of nature centers, important bird areas and local chapters.

National Audubon Society's Endangered Species Campaign
United States

Advocates the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act, as well as changes to the ESA that facilitate the recovery of endangered and threatened animal and plant species.

United States

Conservation priority status, threats, and distribution map.

Audubon Society of New Hampshire
United States

Nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitat throughout the state. Birding information, research reports, program and field trip schedule, directory of centers and sanctuaries, local chapters, and membership form.

Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary - Massachusetts Audubon Society
United States

Protected woodlands and wetlands on Cape Cod. Information includes history, nature center, events, and employment.

National Society for Histotechnology
United States

Incorporated in 1974 for the purpose of advancing professional growth, standards, knowledge and performance of histotechnology through continuing and formal education programs.

National Chrysanthemum Society
United States

Includes information about the annual convention and show.

National Cockatiel Society
United States

Dedicated to providing information on the proper care, handling, maintenance and breeding of cockatiels.

National Opossum Society
United States

Welcomes you to the world of the Virginia Opossum.

National Gerbil Society - U.K.
United Kingdom
National Capital Dahlia Society

Promotes growing dahlias with an emphasis upon growers in the metro D.C. area. Includes calendar, member resources, and information on the Mid-Atlantic Trial Garden.