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New system can identify drugs to target 'undruggable' enzymes critical in many diseases - Science Daily

Science Daily
Scientists from the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology, in Cambridge, UK, demonstrated the capabilities of the new system by identifying a molecule that could successfully target a phosphatase to reduce the accumulation of ...

Meet the Woman Making Ants the Next Big Thing in Biology - National Geographic

National Geographic
... their social interactions, and their evolutionary success. More broadly, Moreau's work might indirectly help us develop tools to answer bigger biological questions: how to control pests, how to promote helpful species, how to improve digestion and ...

NSF awards $6.4 million grant to Sevilleta Long-Term Ecological Research drylands site - National Science Foundation (press release)

National Science Foundation (press release)
To discover how environmental change is affecting dryland ecosystems, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a five-year, $6.4 million grant in new support of the Sevilleta Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) site in central New Mexico.

National Hamster Council

Wales - United Kingdom

Bringing the knowledge and fun they've had in dealing with hamsters over the last 50 years.

National Agricultural Biotechnology Council
United States

Not-for-profit consortium of agricultural research and teaching governmental agencies, institutions, universities in the USA. Sponsors meetings and forums to discuss issues, including the environment. Includes goals and contacts in Ithaca, New York.

National Resources Defense Council: The Story of
United States

The positive influence of "Silent Spring."

United States

Photographs and information from Wikipedia on this small rodent, its biology, reproduction and classification, keeping hamsters as pets and their health problems.

United Kingdom

Article on these small rodents, Calomyscus species, with information on their description, distribution, habitat, social structure and behavior.

My Hamster Lucy

Meet Lucy, the most precisely measured, colorfully charted, and adorably photographed hamster on the Internet.

Hamster Society
United Kingdom

U.K. club open to members from any country. Includes information on shows, monthly journal, events, and more.

Hamster Land
United States

Information on hamsters in general, buying one, what to feed them, what kind of cage works best, and more.

Hampy the Hamster Expert
United States

Talk about anything, as long as it's about hamsters.

Original Hamster WebRing, The
United States

Featuring hamster sites for all the hamster lovers out there.

Hamster Liberation Front
United States

Dedicated to the protection of household rodential friends.