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The Nat invites La Jolla nature-lovers to join City challenge - La ... - La Jolla Light

La Jolla Light
On the last weekend in April, San Diego Natural History Museum (aka The Nat) is inviting San Diegans of all ages to join a worldwide City Nature Challenge, with some 60 cities participating.

UC Berkeley museum cracks open door collection of 50000 eggs - Daily Californian

Daily Californian
One of the largest fossilized egg and nest collections in North America is housed at UC Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and was recently used by researchers in a study to trace the evolution of egg shape. The museum, hatched in 1908, contains ...

Livia Firth Screens Tasmania Documentary, Highlighting Eco Issues - WWD

Firth said she was surprised to see: “How distant we [are] from the stories behind our products and from the natural connection to nature, flora and fauna. We are so accustomed to synthetic fibers today that we don't think about that connection anymore ...

Natural History Collections: Echinodermata

Edinburgh - United Kingdom

A marine phylum of 6000 species, this is the only group of animals to exhibit radial symmetry as adults. The name Echinodermata, i.e. animals with spiny skin, derives from the spines and tubercles, which project from calcareous ossicles embedded in the skin. The ossicles form a characteristic internal skeleton. Their spines and toxic substances in their body walls are used to deter their many predators.

The phylum comprises four very distinct classes of organisms: starfishes, basket stars and brittle stars; sea urchins; sea cucumbers; sea lilies and feather stars. Although very diverse in body form, all echinoderms possess the typical pentaradial symmetry of the phylum and their limbs and organs generally exist in multiples of five. As adults, echinoderms usually lack an anterior head region.

Natural History Collections: Mammals
United Kingdom

An introduction to the biology of the placental mammals, the monotremes and the marsupials.

Natural History Museums & Collections
United States

Collection of botanical gardens, arboretums, herbaria, zoos, and aquarium links from the University of Washington.

Texas Natural History Collections: Ichthyology
United States

Images, distribution maps and other data on North American freshwater fish.

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections (SPNHC)
United States

Working to improve preservation, conservation, and management of natural history collections to ensure their continuing value to society.

Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSC Alliance)
United States

Supports natural science collections, their human resources, the institutions that house them, and their research activities for the benefit of science and society.

Natural History Notebooks

The Canadian Museum of Nature offers descriptions and drawings of past and present animal life.

Natural History of Wildfowl

Short article from Wildfowling Magazine.

Science at the Natural History Museum
United Kingdom

A world leader for research on taxonomy and biodiversity.

Bulletin of the Natural History Museum
United Kingdom

Journals that highlight botany, entomology, geology and zoology. Site includes pricing details.

Natural History Museum: Mosses
United Kingdom

Photographs of mosses, including scanning electron microscope images of leaf surfaces and spore capsules.