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What lava lamps and vinaigrette can teach us about cell biology -
Their instructors at the Marine Biological Laboratory asked them to decipher how pellets of RNA and protein called P granules form in worm embryos — a tall order given how long the structures had flummoxed biologists. Yet as soon as Courson and Moore ...

How human embryonic stem cells sparked a revolution -
The biologist, now at Columbia University in New York City, has used them to explore how DNA from adult cells can be reprogrammed to an embryonic state, and to tackle questions about the development and treatment of diabetes. He has even helped to ...
Pharmaceuticals News

The Biochemistry of Beer: Why the Source of Sugar Matters - Inverse

This is one of the simplest and oldest biochemical processes on the planet. But before that transformation is possible, you need the sugar itself. Sugar is one of the most important substances in nature. The competition for it, the complex interplay of ...

Will Evolution Protect Humans From Alcoholism? -
A study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, found that humans could possibly be evolving in such a way that alcoholism may not be such a rampant issue in the future. According to ...

Wildlife Preserve provides spot to learn about local flora and fauna - Odessa American

Odessa American
A Red-winged blackbird fluffs its feathers while standing on a cat-tail Mondayat the I-20 Wildlife Preserve and Jenna Welch Nature Study Center in Midland. Previous Next. 0301218_Nature_Curriculum_mr. Odessa American/Mark Rogers ...

Biodiversity crisis summit kicks off in Colombia - Phys.Org

"We hope that this will help inform policy decisions to stem the loss of biodiversity and the fundamental services it provides us with," chief scientist Tom Brooks of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature told AFP. Following the ...
New Vision

New understanding of Kenyan paleoenvironments opens window on human evolution in the area - Science Daily

Science Daily
They preserve important evidence for human evolution, but "this only makes sense when we understand the geology of the enclosing rocks," says lead author Behrensmeyer, "particularly the age of the strata and the nature of the paleoenvironments ...


Nature Publishing Group (NPG)
United Kingdom

nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a publisher of high impact scientific and medical information in print and online. NPG publishes ...

United States

Biodiversity of the World is part of an integrated webnet system that together make up nature Worldwide, the official website ...

Nature web focus: RNAi
United States

Online review of RNA Interference biological phenomena. Includes citations of recent research publications, RNAi animations, and science news articles.

Ivory-billed Woodpecker
United States

Lengthy article by Julie Zickefoose.

Florida Nature
United States

Guide to discovering the flowers, trees, reptiles, mammals, spiders, and fungi that make Florida an incredible corner for nature research ...

Summer of Singing Cicadas
United States

Article on the colorfully names cicadas of Australia.

The Summer of Singing Cicadas - Scribbly Gum
United States

Offers information about Australian species. Includes a photo gallery.

NATURE: The Nature of Sex
United States

Companion to the PBS show. Learn how a variety of animals find their mates and conceive, raise, and protect their ...

NATURE: Mask of the Mandrill
United States

With their vivid blue and red facial and rump accents, mandrills are the most colorful mammals ever found in nature.

Nature Immunology
United States

News and views on research topics, such as immune systems, immunodeficiency and inflammation. Monthly contents available to all. From nature ...

Walking With Giants: The Grizzlies of Siberia
United States

nature program about two naturalists living among grizzlies and studying them to understand their true nature.

Geee! in Genome, The

Canadian Museum of nature site introducing visitors to the basics of genes, DNA, genomes, and stem cells.

United States

Classified and annotated compilation of animal video and audio clips on the web, with links to animal posters, books, and ...

NATURE: Bloody Suckers
United States

Overview of the wildlife film, nature's Bloody Suckers which explores and profiles the scary and fascinating creatures of the animal ...

NATURE: Holy Cow
United States

PBS site for an episode of nature that looks at how cows have altered human life, human biology, and the ...

Nature Neuroscience
United States

nature Neuroscience welcomes contributions in molecular, cellular, systems and cognitive neuroscience, as well as psychophysics, computational modeling and diseases of ...

Natural Perspective
United States

Dedicated to the beauty and science of nature and to the joys nature brings to those who explore it. The ...

Audubon True Nature: Insect Opera
United States

Offers an article about the 1996 emergence in the Appalachian forests of the United States. Includes an illustration of the ...

Ridges Sanctuary
United States

Wetlands sanctuary with trails, tours, membership, and more.

Nature Cell Biology
United States

Articles and research papers on cell division, cell structure, animal and plant cell biology and cell cycles.

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