New England - United States

The 6th Annual Conversation About Teaching Biology will be held at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, MA on May 22, 2012.

NEBATYC is the New England Biology Association of Two-Year Colleges. Our mission is to promote and encourage interactions between two-year college faculty across the Northeast. In 2003 a group of community college faculty members started meeting at Karl's Restaurant in Framingham to talk about ways to increase communication among college biology faculty across Massachusetts. The group included faculty from Massasoit Community College (Deborah Cato, LeeAnn Griggs, Greg Hyde, Paul King and Linda Kollett), Middlesex Community College (Jessie Klein), and Mount Wachusett Community College (Chris Kisiel). We agreed that what faculty members like and benefit from most is having time to talk with each other. And Conversations About Teaching Biology was born. Chris Kisiel organized the first Conversation at the Mount in the spring of 2004 to great success, and we haven't stopped talking since. Sadly, our Karl's is no longer open, but Conversations About Teaching Biology continues. The group has expanded to include faculty from neighboring states. Borrowing from the two-year college mathematics organization, we named our organization the New England Biology Association of Two Year Colleges (NEBATYC). Ron Jones, Senior Designer at Pearson Education, Inc., designed our logo. NEBATYC is in the process of launching a website, designed by Bill Hanna from Massasoit, with the intention of opening up an online forum for continuing discussion.

Our annual regional conference, Conversations About Teaching Biology, held in the spring, provides an opportunity for faculty (and interested others) to discuss the thrills, challenges, pitfalls, and day-to-day work with our diverse students. Past conferences have focused on curriculum development, lab activities, and trends in pedagogy.