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Urban Ecology Center Hosts First International Training - WUWM

The Urban Ecology Center started humbly with a small team working out of a trailer near a forlorn park above the Milwaukee River. Today the park is flourishing, the river is healthier, and the Urban Ecology Center has grown to three neighborhood-based, ...
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Marine Bio Camp means muddy hands, tempting seafood - Carroll County Times

Carroll County Times
The day in Solomons started with a snack overlooking the Patuxent River and the Rachel Carson — the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's flagship research vessel. “That's definitely a squid,” said Tre Williams, a 15-year-old from ...

Laos: Bodies found amid flooding, hundreds remain missing -
Environmental rights groups have for years raised concerns about the country's hydropower ambitions, including worries over the impact of dams on the Mekong River, its flora and fauna and the rural communities and local economies that depend on it.
Khaleej Times

Necturus lewisi (Neuse River waterdog)

Oakland - United States

Range, ecology, life history, and conservation status.

United States

Photo and brief information on habitat and physical traits.

United States

Detailed physical description and facts on habitat, life history, and conservation status.

Necturus maculosus (Mudpuppy or Waterdog)
United States

Range, habitat, physical characteristics, reproduction, behavior, and food habits. Includes images.

United States

Physical traits, habitat, breeding, and diet of this amphibian.

United States

Images and brief facts on this species.

United States

Image, physical traits, distribution, habitat, and life history of this species.


Provides information on this endangered lizard and a species recovery plan for its conservation. [PDF]

United States

Promotes a variation on the aquatic ape theory that suggests humans evolved from two hominids that were adapted to a water-side habitat.

Little River Zoo
United States

Norman. Listing of hours, rates and related information.

River Stingrays

Learn about the characteristics and biology of the family Potamotrygonidae, the freshwater rays of South America.