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George Oster, pioneer in applying mathematics to biology, dies at 77 - UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley
He will be remembered for the fountain of ideas gushing out of him in the Brewed Awakening café on Euclid Avenue at the edge of UC Berkeley campus, where he held informal group meetings almost every morning. A member of the National Academy of Sciences ...

Promoters, initiators of transcription and drivers of synthetic biology - PLoS Blogs (blog)

PLoS Blogs (blog)
Promoter characterisation and engineering is a common and arguably useful component of many synthetic biology studies. This post covers some recent articles about promoter construction and transcriptional control, and a few thoughts on the future ...

New degree program blends biochemistry and biology to solve modern problems - Indiana Daily Student

Indiana Daily Student
A new undergraduate degree program in molecular life sciences will begin fall 2018, connecting the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology. The program, a collaboration between the Department of Biology and the Department of Molecular ...

Canon BioMedical Inks US, Canada Distribution Deal for Molecular Biology Systems' PCR Platform - GenomeWeb

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Canon BioMedical announced today it is has signed an exclusive deal with Molecular Biology Systems to market and sell the Dutch firm's NextGenPCR thermal cycler instrument and consumables in the US and Canada. Canon will ...

First-Ever Footage of Mating Anglerfish Stuns Marine Biologists -
The pair of fanfin anglers was filmed by marine biologists Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen aboard the LULA1000, a submersible operated by the marine science-focused Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation. “This is a unique and never-before-seen thing. It's so ...

Neurobiology - Neuroscience

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Insights In Spine Research
United States

Spine Research publishes articles that cover all aspects of spinal cord and focussing on topics includes spinal disorders, spine surgery, ...

National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore

The National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) commenced operations on 1 June 1999 as the national specialist centre for the management of ...

Dr. Dan Siegel
United States

Daniel J. Siegel received his medical degree from Harvard University and completed his postgraduate medical education at UCLA with training ...

Princeton Neuroscience Institute
United States

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute was created in embryonic form in the spring of 2004 under the leadership of Jonathan Cohen, ...

Society for Neuroscience (SfN)
United States

Advancing the Understanding of the Brain and Nervous System. The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is a nonprofit membership organization of ...

UCLA Neuroscience
United States

Neuroscience Undergraduate Interdepartmental Program. The Field of Neuroscience the brain lies at the core of human experience. It controls the ...

Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)

Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) is an independent, not-for-profit research institute in Australia. As a leader in brain and nervous system ...

NeuroScience, Inc.
United States

NeuroScience, Inc. was established in 1999 and is located along the beautiful St. Croix River in Osceola, Wisconsin. NeuroScience, Inc. ...

Dalhousie University's Neuroscience Institute

The Neuroscience Institute was established in 1990 as an umbrella organization to foster research and training in neuroscience at Dalhousie ...


The Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation is a world-renowned neuroscience research centre and one of the leading organisations investigating the ...


The Neuroscience ASRI is a committed group of laboratory-based and clinical neuroscientists, with a common goal of understanding the brain, ...

United States

neuVitro: Coating of extracellular matrix. Get advanced cell culture Techniques. Generate your data faster easier and better. The neuVitro Cell ...

Cortical Neuron-Astrocyte Interaction
United States

Suggest that astrocytes are important to brain functions.

NOVA scienceNOW: Mirror Neurons
United States

Listen to an audio interview with neuroscientist Daniel Glaser, read about his recent work on the brain's so-called mirror neuron ...

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World
United States

Articles and illustrations present new information about our senses and how they work.

Mind Hacks
United States

Book by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb that presents neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what's going on inside ...

United States

Atlas and database of the Drosophila nervous system.

United States

Illustrated guide to the essentials of clinical neuroscience designed for medical students as well as for the general public. Created ...

Behavioral Model of Visual Perception and Recognition
United States
NOVA: Secrets of the Mind
United States

Chronicles Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran's discoveries with patients who have unusual abilities or defects in the way they perceive the world.

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